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Nicht beantwortet PX200 stage 3/4 with SiP Road exhaust - SiP advice please - La Rocca maybe ??

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    Re: AW: Re: PX200 stage 3/4 with SiP Road exhaust - SiP advice please - La Rocca maybe ??


    as far as the ratios go... when i had my stella built up with  DR 177cc kit and a sito+ exhaust. the only time i really needed 1st gear is if i was starting up hill or with a passenger. i knew some people that had the same DR/sito+ set up for use with a side car. and, i have the lml 200cc engine in it now. either engine i think i could run a 20 tooth clutch and a T5 4th gear to lower the ratio before the 12" wheels raise the ratio. and i think it would be alright. (power/gearing wise.) plus, SIP is selling the conversion and mention nothing about the need for more power in the "tips" part of the part/item description. (though i know it would need more power.) (plus, vespa was running a 200cc, a 250cc and a 300cc 4stroke to power the 12" wheels on the GT, GTV and GTS. ) also, you can buy a modifed lml star 150 at www.vivoscooters.co.uk with their 12" conversion (their conversion dosn't use SIP parts, i asked them.)brand new and ready to roll. (if only i lived in the UK.)

    i know SIPs "glorious basterd" is running a tuned lml 125cc engine and i've heard it is very fast. i also know that it's using a SIP rev. counter/speedo but i have no idea how (with what parts and part numbers) they got it to work correctly. (or if it even works correctly.)

    anyways... a 12" stella is my stupid dream. i'm just having trouble finding every single part in need. and like i said - not to modify the body, not the parts for scooters other then a 09 stella 2stroke, just the parts with part numbers so i can have a fully functioning stella 2t with 12" wheels (rear drum brake econo version) and a working (in m.p.h.) speedo.

    thanks for listening hamer. later, heggie

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