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SIP Scootershop introduces Apple Pay



Kickstart for APPLE PAY in Germany. And the SIP Flagshipstore in Landsberg joins in from day one. Fast, easy, secure, contactless - Apple Pay is the modern form of payment that has now arrived at SIP Scootershop. Owners of an iPhone (version 6 or higher, iOS 11 or higher) or the Apple Watch can now use them in the SIP Flagshipstore. To do this, you only need to hold your iPhone / Apple Watch with the top edge on our payment terminal, a PIN entry is not required, the legitimacy is done via Face ID or Touch ID or by double-clicking on the Apple Watch.



Apple Pay is available to all customers of the participating banks. In order to use Apple Pay, the credit or debit card of the cooperating bank must be deposited in the "Wallet" app.






Eingetragen Dez 12 2018, 12:33 von Ralf

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