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SIP Scootershop Warehouse: behind the scenes

How items from suppliers arrive in our warehouse




At SIP Scootershop, we currently have nearly 60,000 items in our warehouse system. Our key objective is always to have all these items in stock and immediately available. Tax advisors and auditors have more than once urged us to reduce the size of our warehouse and take a more efficient approach. What they do not know is that 80% of our suppliers are based in Italy and the concept of “just in time” has unfortunately yet to make it into Italian. To put it diplomatically, the delivery capacity of our approximately 500 suppliers varies widely. Take MALOSSI, for example. We stock all their 7000 items and they always deliver – and always on time. We receive new goods from Bologna every two weeks thanks to an advanced IT system that we have established together over the years. There is another supplier that we can only contact by fax. The average time between order and delivery is more than 300 days and they supply only a handful of items. Yet if that handful includes the best seats on the market for vintage Vespas, then we are happy to go the extra mile.




Find out how the incoming goods system works with the example of a SIP tubeless rim.

Our purchasing team always has an overview of all items in our ERP system. The IT department helps by providing target and actual inventory levels, which are dynamically adjusted in line with sales figures and seasonal fluctuations using an algorithm. The system suggests items for the buyer to order based on historical data and these formulas, ensuring the items reach the warehouse in time. The supplier receives our order and we receive a pro forma invoice. Usually, we need to pay the supplier part of the order value up front, sometimes not until they are ready to deliver but unfortunately rarely only after we have received the goods. If everything goes well with carriers and if applicable customs, the goods arrive at our central warehouse in Landsberg by the calculated delivery date. What follows is often Christmas come early for our incoming goods team. They gather around new or especially exciting products and the news spreads through the building like wildfire. Suddenly, product development and sales staff appear in the incoming goods section as if by chance to have a look at what’s new…. 



The SIP tubeless rims always arrive in 40-foot marine containers and need to be unloaded as fast as possible to avoid additional costs. We check each delivery against the delivery note to ensure that it is complete and look for any visible damage. The goods are then sorted by item number and undergo quality control. SIP Scootershop is a verified manufacturer with the Kraftfahrt-Bundesamt (German Federal Motor Transport Authority), which allows us to provide parts with KBA numbers, part approvals and items with the e-mark. Verified manufacturers must comply with strict testing criteria in line with the specific item. This usually means precisely measuring and weighing samples from the delivery with calibrated measuring equipment, carrying out visual inspections and producing detailed documentation.




Next, our system suggests the best storage location. The key criteria here are frequency of sale and required space. Certain items are placed in a picking store from which they can be picked, and an overflow warehouse from which the picking store is restocked. Our 60,000 items are stored chaotically, not thematically. Crankshafts are stored beside cylinders and mudguards. Only the computer knows where a product is. With a final scan, the member of staff storing the goods records their addition to the warehouse.




If we have run out of the item, the inventory display in the Web shop switches from yellow (on order) to green (in stock) and we can start delivery. Customers who have been waiting for such an item are then supplied immediately. 


However, customers are not usually aware of all these processes and the item simply remains “green”. 




Would you like to see our warehouse for yourself? We run guided tours of all areas of the SIP Headquarters at our Open Day in May each year. Our shop also always gives you a sneak peak at the packaging area of our warehouse.



Posted Dez 06 2018, 02:48 by Ralf

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