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Origami is laaaame: Chris Gilmour

While we sometimes even fail to wrap a parcel, Chris Gilmour builds fascinating pieces of art from wrapping material. All he needs for this: cardboard and glue. From madonnas to tanks, from skate boards to a dentist's chair. Chris is building bicycles, telephones, wheelchairs and cars. Life-size, with an eye for detail and with love for precision.

Born 1973 in Stockport (UK), Chris Gilmour now lives and works in Udine (Italy). 2006 he was awarded the Premio Cairo - a prestigious Italian Newcomer-Award.

When asked about the criteria by which he chooses the objects he builds, he answers: "I choose objects that have a visual appeal and evoke a cultural resonance. My pieces usually invite the viewer to interact. But here a short circuit is caused: You want to open the door of a cardboard car or turn the wheel of a cardboard bike, but of course that is not possible."

You actually might get the impression that Chris is performing in some sort of recycling art, when he refuses to use bronze, stone or steel to build his sculptures but gives existing, discarded materials a second life instead. The cardboard was free of the cultural, historic weight that a classical statue usually carries, he explains, and therefore left way more room for the viewers to project their own thoughts and ideas. As everybody knew the material and the themes he uses, it was easy for the audience to develop existing associations and find new ways and possibilities to perceive the world. A kind of intuitive language.

A simple thing as a common denominator across language-barriers and the borders of countries - A beautiful thought. The fact that his art is not only well perceived in Italy and the UK but all around the world supports this idea. A very similar effect by the way to that of the Vespa. The wasps are also uniting people from all over the world who share this very particular common passion for Vintage scooters. And Chris has built a Vespa, too. Of course. As well as a Lambretta and many more two-wheelers. Some wellknown, some rather exotic.


There's a lot more to be seen on Chris Gilmour's website. Right now he's busy constructing an Aston Martin and we're already excited about his future projects. Maybe he'll build a Modern Vespa, too..?


Pictures: Copyright Chris Gilmour

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