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Vespa Parade 2016 in Paris

“Vespa Parade Paris” 2016: more than 110 Vespa in the streets of Paris!

Saturday September 17th 2016, the “Vespa Club Paris Ile-de-France” respond to the invitation of the “Vespa Club de France” and our partner “La Clinique du Scooter” to participate to its 2nd “Vespa Parade Paris”. Despite an unsure weather report more than 110 Vespa (with nearly twice enthusiasts) came to the meeting organized by our partner to exposed their Vespa on Montparnasse Boulevard and share their passion around the free breakfast.  Very nice machines took part to the event, from older models (1946) to new models, all size engines, every colors were parked on this main Boulevard. The registration numbers of the Vespa showing people riding from Paris, its suburb, province, but also Belgium, England, Italy and Portugal. Vespa arrived from everywhere all morning under the admirative gaze of Parisians while riders were enjoying the free breakfast offered by Samy of “La Clinique du Scooter”. The “Vespa Club Paris Ile-de- France” board was there to welcome new and renewing members, offering them the new edition of Curves magazine by SIP-Scootershop or having their scooter clean for free by Vulcanet (two wheels cleaning clothes).

All participants to the “Vespa Parade Paris” were given a bag full of goodies thanks to Piaggio/Vespa France, SIP-Scootershop, Tucano Urbano, Esquad, KYT, Three-Stroke Productions. The luckiest who had been riding the furthest were rewarded by more consequent goodies from the “Vespa Club Paris Ile-de-France” and its partners: KYT (helmets), Esquad (armored riding jeans), SIP-Scootershop (parts and accessories), Three-Stroke Productions (clothing), Piaggio/Vespa France (Tshirts and mugs) and Vulcanet (cleaning travel kit).

By end of morning all 110 Vespa were ready to start, they left in convoy towards the Grands Boulevards of the left bank, passing the Montparnasse Tower, the Eiffel Tower, the Museum of Quai de Branly, Alexander III Bridge, the Invalides, the Cité de la Mode and Design and the new Motoplex of “La Clinique du Scooter” on the Hospital boulevard … Tourists and Parisians were stunned by this convoy of Vespa riding through the streets of Paris. Two stops were organized (Seine river bank and François Mitterrand Library) so all could take pictures or pose for the Vespa Three-wheeler’s photograph who followed the all ride.

It was then time to leave Paris and ride in the suburb along the River Marne and enjoy a lunch between Vespa enthusiasts in a typical 1950’s restaurant called a “Ginguette” where all Vespa were perfectly aligned under the sun, finally back. Once more the “Vespa Parade Paris” was a nice event. Vespa are unavoidable in Paris whatever the year of production 50’s, 60’s, 70’s, 80’s, 90’s or more recent, small or big engines and we thank all Vespists who were present at the event and showed us their commitment to the Club. All future events organized by the “Vespa Club Paris Ile-de-France” are announced on our Facebook page and we invite you to join us and see the 300 more pictures of the Vespa Parade 2016…

Join the “Vespa Club Paris Ile-de-France” and let’s show to everyone that we are the life and heart of Paris!

Lionel VELARD - Président « Vespa Club Paris Ile-de-France »


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