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18th Challenge Scootentole in South-West of France - This is Authentik Racing


On July 2014, 5th, more than 70 pilots came to Escource (France) for the 18th challenge scootentole organized by AUTHENTIK Racing Team and Scootentole association. In addition to the usual French pilots, people from German, Spain and Italy came to battle on the fast track of Escource (1.4km).
Many events of this type have already been organized in France (Mirecourt, Magny-Cours, Marcillat), but it was a first in the southwest.
This event is reserved for classic scooters (old geared scooters like Vespa or Lambretta type), that all these amateur of old mechanics have prepared for the race. In categories prototypes, machines no longer look like their road sister, both by their look and by the power of their engine.
After the qualification tests performed in the morning (which determine places on the starting grid), competitors compete in three rounds. 
The Saturday, July 5th was very sunny in  Escource, spectators had the chance to see great race. As well as good humor and mutual aid predominate in the paddock, the competition is hard on the track where the drivers are engaged in a real battle, the goal is to be in front of the friends!
After the races finished in each category, a super final was held, taking the top 5 of each category and making the run together. One last race "just for fun", where lap records were beaten!


At the end of the day, drivers and spectators had a smile, happy to have made the trip in the Landes. All agreed that the organization of the day and the nice layout of the track had largely contributed to this great event. Everyone hopes to do it again next year!
.... and a big thank you to all the generous sponsors, specially SIP, for the great products we could distribute during our famous lucky-draw: Most-wanted SIP Digital multifunction speedometers, useful Helmet and visor cleaner for everyone, and beautiful SIP Performance shock absorber.
Of course, we have to add all volunteers, race officials, owners of the circuit (Catherine and Xavier), without whom these events on the circuit would not be possible!


C7 : Girls category
Rank    n°    Pilot
1    715    Sophie DUBUS
2    777    Florence GILLOT
3    701    Sandrine MONNEAU

C2-L : Daily scooter (Largeframe)
Rank    n°    Pilot
1    315    Adrian ALZURI
2    325    Juan Carlos ALZURI
3    331    Ferran MEDALL

C2-S : Daily scooter (Smallframe)
Rank    n°    Pilot
1    535    Marc LACOMBRE
2    544    Stefano BONO
3    552    Eric BIDOT

C3-1 : Proto Smallframe (-1)
Rank    n°    Pilot
1    175    Maik PERSCH
2    119    Wolfgang ULLRICH
3    110    Stéphan BARBOT

C3-2 : Proto Smallframe (-2)
Rank    n°    Pilot
1    224    Maxime DIAS
2    271    Olivier DOUSSOT
3    230    Felice LA RIZZA

C4 : Proto Largeframe
Rank    n°    Pilot
1    481    Roberto PANDILLA
2    420    Sylvain MATHIEU
3    471    Gilles FRAVAL

Super final :
Rank    n°    Pilot
1    175    Maik PERSCH
2    481    Roberto PANDILLA
3    224    Maxime DIAS


Antoine - Challenge Scootentole

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