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10h Endurance Magny-Cours 19-20th October 2013


International long distance race on the 2,5 km motorcycle track -  Be part of classic scooter racing history! This event for classic scooters, organized by Scootentole Association + Nevers Retro Scooter Club, will take place – for the second time – on the “Club Circuit”. 


Inaugurated in 2003, this circuit (2,6 km long and 10m of wide) is a real billiard table, very secure (no walls or Armco barriers) and even his most sinuous version leaves two straight lines, one of 600 meters and one of 200 meters. 
Strategy and reliability will be the keys, and confrontation between Vespa/Lambretta, small and big frames promises to be a “régalade”.


Decide fast to book this race, because of Magny-Cours rules, the starting grid will accept no more than 35 scooters.

Booking rates :
280 euro for the scooter, 50 euro for each driver.
Example: 280 + 3x50= 430 euros total for a team of 3 drivers. 
This rate includes practice and race, transponder rental (lap timing), drivers insurances, 2 breakfasts, lottery ticket for each driver, bivouac/camping on the campsite…   
Bank transfer :
Name: Association Scootentole
Bank : Crédit Mutuel
IBAN: FR76 1027 8073 5100 0201 4930 164
Booking/inscriptions : [email protected]
You have to provide : Name of the team, names of each pilot, mechanical and team manager + two e-mail contacts, type of scooter, real displacement of the engine, main modifications, type of exhaust…). On the spot : driving-licence copies + medical certificate of each driver.
Rules, the main lines!  
Full body scooters asked (no cut frames, no skeletons) including headset, panel and mudguards…, original tank asked (original capacity and location) and tank cannot be changed during refueling, front and rear lights asked, road legal tires, no engine limitation (but on original base).
No ranking classes, scratch ranking for all teams.  Teams from 3 to 5 pilots + team manager, 7 maxi persons in the pits, pilot relay maxi one hour, free pit stops… 
On line Scootentole Endurance regulations :

Practice on Saturday afternoon 19th, race on Sunday 20th. Starting on 9H00am, arrival at 19h300pm.
More practice ? The go kart track (1000m) just near will accept scooters between kart sessions all Friday 18th and Saturday 19th (25 euros/day).
Nevers Magny-Cours Technopole is located in Nièvre department (Bourgogne, France)
200 km in the south of Paris (2 hours by highway).
Magny-Cours club circuit (bike track)
hotels near the Technopole
Camping allowed on the campsite (10 euros for each adult accompagnant)
The facilities around the Club track cater for participants in comfortable conditions.
Practise + timed lap sessions on saturday afternoon 19th
Sunday 21th october
7h00 breakfast
7h30 : Briefing pilots
8h00 – 8h30 : warm-up
9h00 : Starting the race
19h00 : Arrival
Since 19h30 : - Podium + Tombola (lottery) + Tchin-Tchin
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