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CSC Presents: Baja Bound and Gagged VII No Border Limits XIII / Sept. 20th – 21st / Baja California Mexico via San Diego California


The is normally the Mexican impendence day, however this year we went one week later to avoid what is normally a very busy weekend.


Meet up was at San Diego’s premium English Pub Shakespeare Pub and Grill, some of us however rode 65 miles to get to the venue, before getting the first food and beverage of the day, English fry up and a pint of Guinness (or two), all that is needed for the 150 mile ride to Ensenada Mexico.




30 vintage scooters got on the road to take the short ride to the border, around 40 minute and you are in Mexico, from there we are on the way via the toll road to Ensenada with a short stop for gas (petrol) refreshments and fireworks, yes we need something to create mayhem late into the evening.


This year we took on the longer ride on day one to Ensenada to see if a change would let us have more time on Saturday, thinking that the conclusion is this was the right thing to do.


This ride took the team down the most western coast road of North Baja, through TJ, Rosarito and La Fonda before hitting Ensenada.


Ensenada is a fishing and ferry terminal port with many fresh fish markets, restaurants and plenty of drinking establishments.




Two hours on the ground food, fun and frolicking the scooters were then on their way, heading 1 hour north to the beach campsite, Clam Beach, to set up camp, have dinner and enjoy the sunset, party went on into the wee hours, many regretted this the following morning, I for one. 


Saturday seen our Mexican brothers and sisters join us for a breakfast served at 9am, full-on, eggs, bacon, sausage, beans, tortillas, coffee and beer if needed, followed by clean up and on the road by 10.30.


Adding about 8 more vintage scooters, from the Mexican crew, today was a ride through the heartland of Baja, into the wonderful picturesque hills and valleys, to me this is like the south of Spain, having spent many years in the region, final destination the vineyard’s on Guadalupe around 2 hour ride.


We went to two wonderful places this year, 1st stop, La Casa de Doña Lupe, this is a very old vineyard and the owner is a wonderful elderly lady, so nice and accommodating, this is a must visit, the food and live entertainment in Mayan style is fantastic.


We departed and headed to our yearly staple just a short ride away to our 2nd stop, Encuentro Guadalupe Antiresort, this is simply outstanding, see picture from terrace into the vines, you sit on the side of a hill looking over this wonderful terrain, if you did not know it I would say and Italian view, food and drink a plenty, not only wine but beer and sangria, very refreshing in 80+f weather, it is hard to express the atmosphere but this place rocks.


A couple of hours before sunset we are on the road for a 1.5 hour ride to the coast and the campsite, when timed correctly, you can come into range of the coast as the sun starts to set, this is something else, very cool to see. On arrival at the campsite, we proceed with beers, dinner and party.




All of this was too much for some, sleep was inevitable for the very tried folks (old and young) that day, some hardcore folks still partied till 3am, it was not pretty in the morning, I know. 


Rise and shine to a 9am breakfast Sunday, same good stuff as yesterday and plenty of it, but the folks did show the wear and tear of a long weekend. We took a leisurely 2 hours of pack up and we are off.


2 hour ride north to the USA border and a slip through traffic, to the annoyance of many car drivers who can wait up to 4 hours, once across the border, we have a 40 minute ride to the Shakespeare Pub and Grill late lunch (for me Sunday roast lamb of course) and a rap up of 2019 Baja Bound and Gagged. 


Thanks to SIP for the continued support of this unusual International USA/Mexico Rally


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