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Vespa GP Race in Japan 2019

A very good dealer partner from SIP called "Vespa 99" is hosting Vespa races in Japan.

They have different races/rounds in different months and different circuits.

SIP sponsored some small oil bottles for the last event and all drivers were very happy about that support product.



Here you can find the schedule for 2019:


Round 1

24th,march  *MOBARA circuit *sprint race *

Number of participants 16Vespas


Round 2

19th,may    *MOBARA circuit *sprint race

*Number of participants 13Vespas


Round 3

28th,july   *AKIGASE circuit *90 minutes endurance race

*Number of participants 14Vespas



Round 4

6th,October *OKEGAWA circuit *sprint race


Special Stage

13th,October *AKIGASE circuit *demo race *Scooter bic event *Sponsored "MOTOCHAMP"magazine


Round 5

24th,November *TUKUBA circuit *sprint race






A big thank you to Masaru, who forwarded the schedule, picture and video to us.

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