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Baja Bound and Gagged VI and No Border Limits XII September 2018




America’s only International scooter rally, kicks off in San Diego Southern California each year with folks coming from 4 different states to attend, the ride celebrates Mexican Independence, so we try to make it happen close to that weekend, this year we had 45 attendees and 35 vintage scooters.

Our traditional meet up Friday 14th was at Shakespeare Pub for a good old English fry up and if you can handle it a pint of beer to get the motor running.







Departing for the border we cross over Coronado Bridge and take the coast road of this wonderful city in southern California, before a short 100kph highway ride to hit the border about 45km, once across the border we by-pass by Tijuana on-route to the Baja Mexico coast road.



Riding past Rosarito, we stay on the coast road for about 75Km, stopping in La Fonda La Mision for lunch and refreshments, before hitting out campsite Clam Beach, aptly named for the fact that you are on the beach and can pick your own clams for dinner or breakfast.



Our ride involves camping, campsite eating, cooking and drinking and unlike America, Mexico still allows the use of fireworks, so Friday night and Saturday night goes off with a bang, before, during and after the festivities.  








Friday evening we had an evening ride about 40km back up the coast to Porta Nuevo for refreshments , this is a testy wee ride as the evenings get quite breezy on the coast and makes riding in the dark a little more fun, all made it there and back safely to continue the party.  


Saturday starts with a 8am breakfast and hangovers, once we clean-up we get on the road to Ensenada a 40km ride, this ride takes us down the coast and has the most beautiful views big cliffs down into the sea wonderful twisty roads, this is one of the best views you can have in a scooter.


Once in Ensenada we stop for lunch, this is obligatory every year, when in Baja Mexico, fish tacos are a must do, oh and a mix of beverages or two. This area is a very traditional fish market in a small fishing port, the locals have a bunch of mariachi bands for your enjoyment or amusement, sometime this is good other time not so, but they are trying to make a living so a dollar or two goes down well, plus you get them to leave if it was bad.





Once fed and ready for the next ride, we are off and have around 60km ride to the Baja wine country, the ride take us along the Guadalupe Road in-land towards Tecate, a main route in the region.  


Mexico and the Baja region have invested heavily in this region specifically around the wine industry and the sights are very impressive as is the wine, beer and food, the vineyard of choice is Encuentro. This place is a hotel, vineyard and restaurant, with wonderful views of the valley and mountains, very picturesque, a couple of hours here to relax before our journey back to the campsite for dinner, the ride back is around 70km, riding to the coast as sun sets, it is something to see.


Sunday our final day, starts at 8am with breakfast, a slower start to the day as many of us have already burn the candle at both ends, so after breakfast and clean up we hit the road to the border around 11am with our final stop and an end to our ride back at the Shakespeare pub.      






Thanks to the writer Jeff Gray for this great event-report! We're happy for beeing a little part of this eventful tour!


Check out the video about the ride to Mexico. It feels like you're one of the rider!


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