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Authentik racing team - 24H Race in Zuera







From 14th to 15th May the 24H race in Zuera, Spain (10th anniversary), took place with 60 teams from the Europe (Spain, France, Italy, Portugal, Germany…). This racing event is the most important Vespa race in Europe with only the best European racing teams present.



Authentik racing team participated with 2 scooters:
- one large frame proto (PX210 Malossi, SIP exhaust, Liztor selector)
- one small frame proto (SP1, 125 H2O). 
The PX210 Malossi finished at 2nd place of large frame proto (16th scratch), and small frame finished at 4th place of SP1 (5th scratch).





We would like to thank particularly our sponsor SIP Scootershop for providing us some SIP parts for the PX. These parts are performant and reliable: no mechanical problem during the 24H race!





The next race for Authentik scooter is the 10H race in Magnycours. Last year we finished at 2nd place - this year we hope we will win (just like in in 2012).




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