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Vespa High End Tuning SIP BFA 225 – 306cc



High End Tuning for Largeframe Vespa



There's no replacement for displacement. The oldest wisdom of combustion engine construction. Except by even more engine displacement! BFA has taken this principle to extremes and is offering an engine for the Vespa Largeframe models with 306cc capacity. Here, no stone was left unturned. Engine case, cylinder, crankshaft – everything was redeveloped and adapted to the needs of a 306cc high-end powertrain. The result raises Vespa tuning to a new level. The performance, torque and bandwidth are more comparable to a motocross motorbike than a Vespa scooter.


The BFA 306 engine and the individual parts of the set are among the most exclusive products that can be bought when it comes to engines for classic geared scooters. This relates not only to the price; rather, the quality of the materials and the workmanship are at the highest level. Above all, however, the riding performances made possible with these components represent the absolute ultimate. And all that on the space of the original engine of the Vespa Largeframe models.






Years ago, we were contacted by Ale and Fabio from Parma, Italy, who told us that they were fiddling around on a 306cc engine for the Vespa PX. At that time, it was still under the name BSG. Nevertheless, we were not half astonished when the first 306cc parts arrived at our premises in spring 2018. We are used to quite a lot here at SIP Scootershop, as parts and ideas arrive weekly from the world scene. However, the 306cc parts led internally here to a level of excitement reminiscent of Christmas gift giving. The engine case, along with the crankshaft and the cylinder, promises to fulfil all tuner dreams at once. High performance, sporty touring or simply more fun on the daily route to work and being able to sleep for 10 minutes longer.

After Jesco had developed a sprint scooter for the Tacho Karacho 2018 race, it was quickly clear that the dreams are becoming a reality. Within a few days the engine was assembled and with just a few dyno test runs to tune the carburettor and ignition there was a first promising result: 55 hp on the rear wheel, frightening torque, super smooth and, above all, an incredibly wide band. Only further tests will show what happens when closer attention is given to the engine and what the boundaries of its possibilities are.






Other engines have also already broken the 50 hp mark. But not many. And few people have the necessary tuning experience. Here, huge performances are almost achieved with plug & play. And we hope to scrape the 70 hp mark with the engine. Additionally, we believe that, with the setup, it is also possible to develop a Vespa engine that is suitable for touring, only with 40-50 hp and more.



Ale and Fabio approached us again. “Our true passion is smallframe.” Added to this were family and professional changes. In addition, the 306cc project was picking up pace to such an extent that they could no longer manage it on their own. There was no way this marvel should disappear onto the shelves, like many another BFA Lambretta or smallframe projects. Therefore, SIP Scootershop has now taken on the 306 project from BFA and has since continued to carry it in the range under SIP BFA.




The range is now being expanded. The indestructible engine cases with the huge, smooth crankshaft are also to be usable as an upgrade for 125 – 200cc largeframe engines. Precisely the strong, smooth engine the Vespa tuners have wanted since the 1980s. Therefore, the case comes with the suitable dimensions for Vespa cylinders in different capacity classes. There is also a 225cc version and variants that are already equipped with the transfer ports of the MHR Malossi cylinders. 





The classiest way to plant a wolf into sheep’s clothing remains the 306cc engine. It is nothing for regular Vespa riders.




You can find all the BFA - SIP tuning parts in the shop here.



Posted Nov 28 2018, 12:49 by Ralf

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