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SPIELZIMMER Hamburg - a therapeutical Vespa & Lambretta garage



Spielzimmer (Playroom) Hamburg, Germany - therapeutical workshop for vintage Vespa & Lambretta - for the advanced





"Psychiatric Clinic". Obviously someome has stolen this sign. Somewhere. Long time ago. Good two meters high, the former signpost leans against the therapy facility on the wall of a basement workshop in Hamburg Eimsbüttel, north Germany. Between two Vespa Smallframe Sprinters, a sidecar in red and an exhaust collection that vaguely recalls the volume of Imelda Marcos´ shoe collection.



"Welcome to the playroom", Marek is happy about every visitor. Provided he brings beer. "With a conventional wrench monkeys community we probably have as much in common as Mexican Wrestling with the gymnastics group of the sports club Eimsbüttel. Although we regularly try to act with the rules of common sense, what we do here has really little to do at least in terms of content, but arguable in implementation". Obvious "fishing for compliments" from someone whose trophy collection is now bending the shelf. After all, the six-person therapy group shows above all a great passion for technical solutions to which - otherwise rightly - nobody has come to yet.



Madness with method

The team from Eimsbüttel has more than 1,500 fans on their Facebook page, but also regularly shows up at custom shows and events across the country, despite their insanity. Sharknado, Matzes red rocket, the Frog Prince, Stray Bullet, 10 Inch Terror or the Dupont Lambretta - the brilliant coups from the Hamburg cellar workshop almost always cause "what the fucks" and depending on mentality shaking head or enthusiasm.

"Cutting out a Kawasaki GPZ 500 engine with a frame bracket and integrating it into a Lambretta makes no sense at the material level, as does the combination of a disc brake with a self-made spoke rim, as on the Stray Bullet," Marek admits while workshop colleague André turns over the sausages on the grill. "If you seriously deal with such madness, then it should at least be good."





Tolerance is important, not dogma

However, everyone decides how this "good" looks like. This is what makes the "Playroom" so special. The scooters that stand here are very different. The one "Spielzimmer" style does not exist. In addition to a Lambretta LI Special in Dealer Custom-Style of the 60s, stands Sven´s Vespa Faro Basso frame in graffiti look and with a seat made of an old skateboard. Other finished or under construction project scooters are stacked in two specially purchased heavy duty racks. Tolerance is important. And forbidden are any form of dogmatics. "Original-lacquer Ideologists or other defenders of the one truth have no place her," André continues. Also 4-strokes and Automatic Scooter are regularly drained by hydraulic lift in the basement or just pumped back to daylight. "At least, as long as that does not mean having to ride through Hamburg's Elbtunnel at 60 km/h, as I had to painfully discover on a first trip with my colleagues." It hurts a lot, when Simon, Marek and Matze overtake me in second gear while I am lying down trying to tease out the last reserves of power from the Lambretta."



Luckily, such traumatic experiences have long been overcome. "Even if the boundaries between patients, therapists and caregivers are very flexible here, the janitorial role has been firmly established here for four years now," Marek smiles meaningfully.



"Where are you, the sausages are ready, and bring beer". Short break, then works continue in the "Playroom".



More insights to the SPIELZIMMER can be found here on flickr.





Posted Nov 02 2018, 12:06 by Ralf

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