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Racing Exhaust SIP Performance by Nordspeed for Vespa

The tuning company NORDSPEED from Bremen in northern Germany enjoys an almost legendary reputation for the design of racing exhaust systems for classic Vespa and Lambretta scooters. Especially with 200cc Vespa Largeframe models the products of Tobi Rußmann are the absolute reference. The cramped space between the studs of the cylinder, with little space to work on, he knows best to interpret.


The design of its exhaust systems allows it to reach the optimum in these unusual conditions. SIP Scootershop and NORDSPEED have decided to work together. The result is exhaust systems with the most powerful design, coupled with modern features such as O-ring flange, EGT and Lambda connection.


SIP Racing exhaust R2:


The R2 represents the absolute peak of the performance scale. With this product, performance levels can be achieved that, until it´s appearance, were considered impossible. It was specially developed for the Malossi MHR cylinder kits. The goal was to explore the possibilities of this cylinder to the limits. The result is really impressive: up to 50hp on the rear wheel have already been achieved. However, such a performance level means a lot of clean work and cuts back on everyday usability. The R2 works in high rev ranges. This leads to a similar restless driving behavior, as with a heavily tuned Vespa Smallframe, only with much more power. For the R2 to exploit its full potential, it is imperative that the other components of the engine provide the necessary environment. These include an intake manifold with a large cross section and a carburetor with at least 35mm diameter. The cylinder should be a potent tuning cylinder. Best of all a Malossi MHR or a Quattrini M232 / 244. The most important point that must be met for the function of this exhaust is the appropriate timing. If it´s not adapted to the needs of the R2, the engine can not perform well or even work less effectively than nominally weaker assets. According to Nordspeed, optimal performance can be obtained with the following times:


  • Transfer port timing: 138°
  • Exhaust port timing: 198°

Conclusion: the R2 represents the absolute peak of possible performance. But needs a carefully adapted engine and cuts back on everyday practicality.



Here you can order the SIP Performance R2 exhaust


SIP Racing Exhaust Camaro:


The Camaro is a high-torque exhaust, which convinces in everyday use with a nice speed range and balanced power delivery. He develops a very good peak performance. In town, on the way to work or touring the mountain, the Camaro, with its balanced characteristics and good torque, is hard to beat. Its strengths shows the Camaro when it is installed on an engine that provides the right environment. This means a sufficiently sized carburettor, a revised inlet and of course a tuning cylinder having larger cross sections at the channels. For the Camaro to work optimally, it is very important that the timing of the cylinder used match the layout of the exhaust:


  • Transfer port timing: 124 ° -130°
  • Exhaust port timing: 186 ° -194°
  • Blow down timing: 30 ° -32°


Conclusion: the perfect exhaust for a very powerful everyday engine with good torque and a well-balanced mix of rev range and performance.


Here you can order the SIP Performance Exhaust Camaro





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