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Vespa & Lambretta Joyride SIP Scootershop July 2018



With perfect weather conditions and pleasantly warm temperatures the SIP Scootershop Vespa & Lambretta Joyride took place this year. As in the previous year, the event was approved by the Public Order Office and the police. Already before 9am the first Vespisti arrived at SIP Scootershop and served themselves in the Siperia with coffee, freshly squeezed orange juice and croissants or paninis. The longest arrival this year was the team of the Scooter Club du Sudest, which came with more than 1,000 km from southern France to Upper Bavaria with 9 members. Chapeau!





Through the picturesque Lechrain via the villages of Stoffen and Ummendorf, past grazing cows and old farms, to Stadl, Thaining and Dettenschwang, the numerous Vespisti arrived at the lake restaurant in St. Alban. Owner Simon had his apprenticeship at SIP many years ago, and when we asked him, he immediately said yes to host the participants. His restaurant wonderfully located directly at the Ammerlake, overlooking the monastry of Andechs, one could have a cold drink or one of the fine Pulled-Pork Burgers they prepared. A really nice stopover at the lake.




The Joyride gang went on around the southern Ammerlake up to the monastery of Andechs and from there through the hilly pre-alpine foothills between Pilsensee and Wörthsee back to the Ammerlake and finally to Greifenberg to Armin's Oldtimer Gas Station.




With a drink or ice cream in hand, the afternoon sounded relaxed in the sunset.



Thanks to the team from the lake restaurant in St. Alban and Armin and his "Celentanos" - again an accident-free Joyride with you!



Pictures of the Joyride 2018 are here on flickr.  Here you can buy the official Joyride T-Shirt.



Enjoy the SIP TV Video of the Joyride 2018:





Save the date for 2019, Saturday July 6, 2019 - we look forward seeing you!



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