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Authentik racing team 6H Race in Kotarr, Spain (23th June 2018)

kindly provided by Lionel - Authentik Racing Team




The 23th June it was the 6H race in Burgos, on the Kotarr tracks in Spain. This event is the 2nd race in the

Trofeo nacional de resistencia” (Spanish endurance championship), organized by Ibero scooter.

Authentik racing team was present with one large frame proto PX#446   

(210 Malossi, SIP XL exhaust, Liztor selector).


The Friday was dedicated to the training, we had a lot of time to make adjustment, and to discover the track,

who was new for most of the pilots.



The race started the Saturday at 11 a.m., for a 6H race. There were 36 registered teams, who were all Spanish

(except us, of course!). An engine problem has occurred 10 minutes after the start, and has a lot of time have been wasted...

After the repair, every went perfectly until the end of the race, and the PX#446  was 1st of the category LF proto!! 



Congrats to pilots and assistance!







We would like to thank particularly our sponsor SIP for providing us some SIP parts for the PX.

Thanks also to Diego Cagcas for organization!


Next races for Authentik scooter will be the 29/09 (6H del Centro, Spain), and the 10H race in

Magny cours

(scootentole, France).



Authentik Racing team






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