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Vespa Wideframe Tour Audax Zugspitze 2018



Fenderlight Vespa feeling: after the "Trofeo della Baviera" last year, our customer Frank Henkel now held his 2nd Faro Basse Vespa tour, this time in the picturesque area around Garmisch-Partenkirchen, less than 80km away from the SIP headquarters. The tour was planned as "Audax", actually a cycling style of a uniform ride. In the Vespa scene, a modification has prevailed in which one has a fixed start time to return 6.5 hours later, trying to meet the personal time again as near as possible.

Between these two measuring points, Frank once again planned a wonderful tour over small roads through the mountains, which made a lot of fun with the old Vespas. The road book, which each participant received, was perfect and such a "scavenger hunt for adults" is just big fun.



About 80 Wideframe Vespas met at 8:30am at the Eibsee at the valley station of the new impressive gondola on the Zugspitze and there was breakfast, a lovingly hand-sewn goodie bag with a nice T-shirt and much more for everyone.




The tour led from the Eibsee to Garmisch and Mittenwald to the picturesque village Krün, the place with the typical Upper Bavarian historic wallpainting that already impressed Barack Obama at the G7 summit. Next we rode along the deep blue Walchensee over a village called Vorderriß into the beautiful Engvalley high up to about 1200 meters altitude, where the checkpoint was placed. Somewhat below, directly at the brook, the pilots were able to fortify themselves with snacks and drinks and of course to discuss the experiences. Here in the so called Ahornboden are thousands of partly over 600 years old, gnarled maple trees scattered across the valley - an impressive backdrop.





Partly via private toll roads to Mittenwald, Leutasch and back via Garmisch to the Eibsee. What a Ride!


Pictures of the tour are here on flickr.



Here is our SIP TV Video, please spread the word and subscribe to our YouTube channel:





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