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Vespa World Days Belfast 2018 Report



The world's largest Vespa meeting was held in Belfast this year and SIP Scootershop was of course attending. Heavy storms made the registration a rather difficult proceeding-but in the end everybody entered the place.





However, with four hours of delay, the gates were opened and, as ordered by Ali Baba, the sky was also clearing up for the occasion. Scooterists came from all over the world. Ricky Darrah said: "There are 3200 registrations with Scooterists coming from as far as Russia, Canada, Hong Kong and Indonesia.





The Vespa Village on the Titanic Quater was very spacious but the place filled quickly with scooterists. The weather was let´s say not particulary mediterranean but fortunately mostly dry. It was as if the visitors had booked with their tickets an on / off relationship with sun, clouds, rain and wind.



As a summary, we would like to congratulate the always friendly and attentive team from the Ulster Vespa Club Belfast, specially in person of Mark and Maggie. You guys are uncomplicated in all respects, congratulations!





Pictures from the Vespa World Days in Belfast can be found here on flickr.

We are glad to have been there. We had insightful conversations with the numerous visitors, were able to maintain old contacts and meet new people. We are already looking forward to the Vespa World Days 2019 at Lake Balaton, Hungary.

Cya there, Mate! 😉     





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