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A Tale of Spring Scoot 24

Twist N Play Scooter Club, “A drinking club with a scooter problem”
By Evie Zehr

This year's theme: "R.I.P. City" based Portland's rapid growth and greed destroying some classic neighborhoods and local hangouts.

Friday Meet N Greet
Friday night opened with a courtyard of food and happy hour drinks. The weather all week leading up to Spring Scoot XXIV was dreadful rainy and cold. Well, nothing we can control as it's April in Portland, Oregon but as Friday evening rolled upon us, we were met with beautiful sunshine and warmer temperatures. We were all very grateful. This being my first Spring Scoot as an official member of Twist N Play, I was happy we had everything ready. Rally Packs (in our fancy SIP rally bags)! Patches! Shirts! One of the reasons I joined up with the club was to help bring these events together so people who love these crazy two wheel machines can share that bond and meet new crazy people like themselves. The courtyard was a great setup for meeting and greeting new faces and old familiar faces. The nice weather really brought out the scooters! We had over a hundred scooters and some mopeds show up. 





Next up was the ride to O'Malley's Saloon. There was at least 100 plus bikes riding to O'Malley's and taking over blocks of traffic. A few unhappy no-fun people trying to be mad at us in cars, but we didn't care. We know they're just unhappy because we are having all the fun. As the evening became later, the weather became more cold, windy, and wet. But at this point, we weren't feeling much anyway because the drinks were pouring and the camaraderie was warm.

Saturday Breakfast & Ride
Breakfast was lovely at the Sextant Bar & Grill right on the Columbia River. It's a beautiful location with a deck overlooking the river and a popular weekend Harley stop we just had to take over. Just before the R.I.P. ride was to begin with planned stops at old club favorites now lost to gentrification and neighborhood out pricing, the weather turned nasty as predicted; heavy rain with wind gusts. We braved on with about 60 of us riding out on the ride. It seemed we were the heavy rain magnet for this part of the ride as by the time we hit the third stop, the rain was relentless and seemed to drain even us hardened everyday riders' moral. How to perk up the group? Why a stop at the timeless Pirates Cove Gentleman's Club, of course. We still had about half the riders at this point and more would show up for food and music at Vespa Portland. It was a nice break from the rain with warm food, cold beer, and live music.

Saturday Night
The heavy rain hadn't stopped and there was no end in sight for the evening. A few people still rode their bikes to the show, but I was even grateful for a ride with friends. We had two bands lined up: The Ramodes, a three piece power trio that played Depeche Mode songs in the style of The Ramones (brilliant!) and the David Bowie cover band Boys Keep Swinging. It was a great way to end a wet day and prepare for more riding and the final hat-tip Sunday night.





Sunday Breakfast & Raffle
The Sunday morning weather was slightly better, but this time we were facing wind gusts to 35-40 mph (54-64 kph). Hey, April in Portland, Oregon and it's Spring Scoot! First walking into the Lighthouse bar, I see the "very large ice penis sculpture" on the counter. "Oh my!" I think to myself, "someone's attention to detail is very impressive." Then I watch as someone pours a shot in the torso and their mouth on the tip for a very cold shot ejaculated out; very efficient ice penis! Highly entertaining and very gender friendly until someone used it for cream in their coffee. No one could blame them after all--adding the cream in the penis, but the vodka shot after that...well, no need to explain how that one might taste. 

The Garelli Moped Raffle (donated by Driscoll of Two Percent Scooters) began with Soupcan, our club alum and MC raffle genius pulling two raffle tickets for the grand prize moped and the ticket holders had to Rock Paper Scissors for the bike. I'm not sure whose idea this was, but it was brilliant. We couldn't have scripted this better; guy versus gal. We stood them up on chairs so all of us in the diner could see their play. "On the count of three," Soupcan yelled out. "One! Two! Three! GO!" The players threw their hands. Scissors from the lady! Scissors from the gent! A groan from the crowd. "Alright! Get ready!" The crowd is more excited and gets into the moment and helps with the countdown. "One! Two! Three! GO!" Now, both being smart players after seeing a scissor, what would your play be? Maybe they would throw scissors again, so why not a rock? Yep, both players throw rocks! Now the crowd is really going wild. "One of you better win this time, God dammit!" threatens, Soupcan. "Get ready!" The entire bar is yelling out the countdown, "ONE! TWO! THREE" GOOOOOOO!" She throws rock again, he throws... scissors! WINNER! She is all smiles, and who wouldn't be? Ah, that was fun.

Our ride from breakfast would lead us through the west hills on beautiful curvy two-lane highway roads on rolling hills. We rode against the same blustery weather we had yesterday with the occasional blast of icy cold rain. There were about 35 of us brave souls doing the ride with Patrick of P-Town Scooters leading the charge on his custom "Performer" Lambretta. It was a fun ride out to the Grand Lodge hotel landing spot where we prepared for an overnight filled with hooligans and shenanigans. I stuffed my red panda "onesie" in my overnight just for this occasion. 


As is customary, we all find ourselves meeting at the soaking pool in the complimentary white hotel robes. Soon, the non-scooter people end up leaving the pool, and we're not entirely sure why this happens. Could it just be the sight of The Two Percent folks? Or maybe it's because there are so damn many of us, but either way we end up closing the pool and head into the basement bar where we continue heated scooter discussions until they kick us out. Breakfast in the hotel restaurant in the morning to tame the pounding in my head was perfect but the noise from them draining the soaking pool was not. We heard a rumor there was broken glass. Either that or well, the mind can wander with that many of us in the pool...


The ride home was amazing as the weather cleared up into beautiful warmth and sunshine. Ah, Thank you, Spring Scoot 24! Thank you SIP for the goodies to make it even better!


Here you can see more pictures of this event:




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