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Pheonix Nights 13 Scooter Rally - Whatever the Weather!




Thank you Aaron Mitchell and Ravey Davey from the Scooter Club Leicester Phoenix for providing this great write-up!




We Brits love to talk about the weather, we study it, we complain about it and it’s often used as an icebreaker – excuse the pun! I’m even writing about it! Phoenix Nights rallies have certainly seen their fair share of weather and for the Leicester Phoenix Scooter Club there are often nervous glances at the weather forecast as the rally weekend draws closer. Warm and dry weather helped the Leicester Phoenix Scooter Club stalwarts, who worked so hard on the Thursday before the start of the Phoenix Nights 13 Scooter Rally and things were looking pretty good when the first Scooterists arrived at Hinckley Rugby Club.

It soon became apparent that some of those attending were determined to get as much as they could out of the weekend, with a steady flow of attendees starting from midday! The subject of who was first through the gate has been hotly debated, with Phil Hammond narrowly beating Victoria Preece-Jones (both Armed Forces SC) after some sneaky manoeuvring by Phil. Tents were rapidly pitched with clubs and friends doing all they could to camp together. As the afternoon turned to evening, this became more of a challenge as the campsite began to fill and available space became more sought after. Arrivals at the rally were greeted by the happy, smiling faces of those working on the gate and, as well as the obligatory wristbands and bin bags they were provided with a SiP goody bag, generously donated by those popular SiP guys who have become firm favourites on the UK Scootering scene.





Afternoon turned to evening and it was time for the DJs to do their thing and the first band of the weekend to make their appearance. The Corsairs have built themselves a great reputation on the scooter scene and it wasn’t hard to see why. The PN13 Facebook page described the band as a “High Octane Psycobilly band covering everything from The Meteors to Bucks Fizz” and that description sums them up perfectly. The dance floor was soon put to good use and by the end of their performance there were plenty in the audience keen to see the lads again. The Friday night atmosphere was fantastic with rally goers exchanging handshakes, hugs and kisses as they met old friends – and I’m sure the ladies did the same! Praise for the bar staff is usually left to the end of these write-ups but it has to be said that those supplying the essential liquid refreshment did a great job on Friday night and throughout the weekend. Now I’m not one to gloat (maybe now and again where football’s concerned) but it was with a sense of pride that I attempted to order a pint of Carling on Saturday night only to be told that it had run out. Anyone who can drink a Rugby club dry deserves respect – have you seen how much those Rugby types can put away? Perhaps I should add that I did have some assistance in ridding the bar of Carling!





Now Saturday morning on a scooter rally could be defined as anything between 3am (when most people decided enough was enough after Friday night) or sometime between 8am and 11am when those who had enjoyed themselves the night before felt well enough to venture from their tents. Everyone has their priorities in the morning, it might be a shower, something to eat or just a cup of tea/coffee. Either way, there was plenty of hot water in the showers, quality breakfast at a competitive price and more than enough hot beverages to satisfy even the most demanding of caffeine addicts. The morning flew by and it was soon time for the afternoon’s entertainment to begin. The Phoenix Nights custom show is always well supported and scooters began to appear in the designated area very early. Remember that weather I mentioned? Well, the sun was still shining and that helped to make the custom show very impressive with many top quality machines on display. As the custom show was taking shape, the very popular band Heavy Sol were warming up in the function room.  Luckily, the band had agreed to an afternoon set even though they were scheduled to perform in London on Saturday night.





Their efforts were very much appreciated with people pouring inside to enjoy what the band had to offer. After the great performance by Heavy Sol, the time had arrived for the games to begin. As a warm-up, the first contest was Space Hopper racing with, of course, the consumption of beer an integral part of the competition. To commemorate the 100th Anniversary of the Royal Air Force, the eating and drinking (and puking!) race took on an aeronautical theme with carefully constructed aircraft (well done Aaron and Adam) being used as transport during the contest. The audience laughed, the contestants struggled and the whole event offered entertainment that was simply priceless. This year also saw a hotly contested football competition refereed by a truly world class official - me! Add a very well organised ride out, courtesy of the Leicester Alliance SC and there was plenty to keep everyone entertained. The club chose Coping with Cancer as its charity this year and invited representatives from the charity to judge the custom show. The idea was to avoid any bias and get a fresh pair of eyes to inspect the great scoots on show. The charity is close to the club’s heart and it was great to be able to involve them in the rally.





With the afternoon’s events completed it was time for the rally goers to relax, enjoy themselves and look forward to the evening. I heard someone comment on how good the weather was (yes, I mentioned it again!) which proved to be the kiss of death as the rain started to fall during the afternoon and continued until the early hours of the next morning. Of course this didn't dampen (see what I did there?) the spirits of the rally goers and there was a great atmosphere as afternoon became night and the main function room filled to capacity. The DJs kept the dancefloor full before the first band of the night took to the stage, the superb Gazelle. The young, local lads were very well received and no doubt the front man Ryan’s dad, Mark ‘Dunny’ Dunn, was very proud to see his lad and the band deliver an excellent set. With the evening in full swing it was time for the headline band of the night, The Kinx. What followed was a floor filling, foot stomping, crowd pleasing extravaganza that kept the dancefloor full and had many of the audience singing along as if their lives depended on it. Brilliant! Of course the night didn’t end there and the main room and soul room were thumping, with the later finally closing at 3 am. Far too soon Sunday arrived with the sun shining (had to get a final reference to the weather in!) and many happy and satisfied Scooterists heading home with more memories to add to those already in the bank.





As far as appreciation is concerned, Leicester Phoenix Scooter Club would like to thank all our sponsors with particular thanks to SiP for the goody bags, thanks also to Hinckley Rugby Club including all the staff, many thanks to all the DJs who provided such fantastic entertainment, thank you to the clubs that attended including the Mini Mods (Best Attended Club), South Birmingham SC, Northampton Unlikeables SC (winners of the football) and the Armed Forces SC. Finally, many thanks to everyone who attended PN13 and helped to make it a great weekend. See you next year - whatever the weather!



 Ravey Davey, Leicester Phoenix SC
















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