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Main Jets from KMT Products now available at SIP Scootershop



Small parts that are important for the performance and durability of any tuning engine for Vespa or Lambretta now come from the motherland of mods and scooter bikes. The small company KMT PRODUCTS from England has set itself the task to produce absolutely exact and high-quality jets for all common carburettors. Material and workmanship are very high quality. The mainjet sets come in high-quality boxes with a transparent lid, which grants an overview of the existing sizes from the outside. The large and clearly engraved numbers of the main jets are particularly recognizable and help to avoid mistakes.



The most important advantage of the KMT nozzles is the precisely manufactured bore. It is very even. The diameter corresponds exactly to the specified size. The tolerance range is, with 0.005-0.01mm, particularly tight. Thus, a consistent gradation between the individual jets is guaranteed. At the end of the production process, the nozzles are still cleaned consuming, so that no contamination or material residues can interfere with the flow.


The KMT nozzle sets facilitate accurate carburetor tuning. The changes to the carburetor lead to traceable and replicable results. An easy way to make great progress in carburetor tuning on your Vespa or Lambretta.



We supply KMT nozzle sets for Mikuni TM / TMX as well as for Keihin PWK / PWM in many different grades directly from stock. Click here for the KMT mainjet sets.




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