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Spareparts for LML 4-stroke 125-200cc Star/ Stella/ Via Toscana/ Bella Donna/ Speedy

We have greatly enhanced our range of spare parts for 4-stroke 125-200cc Star/ Stella/ Via Toscana/ Bella Donna/ Speedy models.



The LML Vespa is a great, affordable introduction to the Vespa scene. As such, we have expanded our range to include to LML 4-stroke models and offer an entire supply of spare parts for the Star models, for example. What’s more, a large number of Vespa parts in our range are also suitable for the LML models, and vice versa. The quality of LML vehicles and parts has greatly improved over the past years and they have also become a PIAGGIO supplier. Unfortunately, LML began to restructure the company once again in 2016, meaning on occasion they are either slow to supply parts, or they are uncertain whether they can. However, as we have great stock availability, we can hopefully bypass this process without any supply shortages.






In the eighties, LML (formerly Lohia Machines Limited) produced various PX models under a Piaggio licence, such as the Vespa PX100 E (VIX1T)/LML Vespa XE 100, the LML Vespa PX150 E/150 DZ and, up to 1994, the LML Vespa 150 NV/NV Trident/Alfa/SPL/Smart. These models are very similar to the PX Lusso and PE models. In the nineties, the NV developed into the Star/Star Deluxe and was exported to many different countries.



These export models appear under the names LML Star DLX/ Via Toscana (Great Britain), LML Star 2T (Italy), Genuine Stella (USA), and LML Belladonna RV150 (New Zealand). An reed-valve engine is the first thing to draw attention to the LML PX models and shows that LML is continuing to develop current technology. It is possible to install these LML 125ccm or 150ccm 2T parts in most PIAGGIO PX models. Other Vespa models also have Indian relatives. The LML Supremo is very similar to the PIAGGIO Vespa Cosa, and the LML Sensation to the Vespa PK. The T5 also has an Indian cousin – with a PX Motor though and it was built in different versions as the LML Vespa 150 T5 and later as the LML Vespa Select/II or LML T5 SPL.



You can find all the common original parts on our exploded view drawings, such as exhaust systems, clutch and gearbox components, cylinders and pistons, oil pumps, timing chains, and much more:






At the end of the nineties, PIAGGIO stopped working with LML, even though LML had become the biggest Indian motorbike manufacturer. In 2008, after having closed their plant for 2 years, LML began to concentrate on their Star series and the LML Star 4/150 NV 4S were the first 4-stroke Vespa models. LML had already gained experience in the 4-stroke motor sector during their partnership with Daelim in the nineties. The Vespas, visually very similar to the PX models, fulfil the Euro-3 standard and have many customers in Egypt, Europe, California and South America under the names: LML Star 4T (Europe), LML Speedy (India), LML Star Deluxe 4S (Japan) or Genuine Stella (USA).



In 2013, the Star family expanded: LML introduced the first 200cc 4-stroke Vespa with the LML Star 200 4T/Deluxe 4S. The LML Star CVT Automatica is the first PX with series 125cc automatic motors. The LML Star Lite 125 CVT/Automatica is a smallframe similar to a PK with a 125cc 4-stroke automatic motor.







Many parts can already be found in the exploded view drawing. The images are updated on a daily basis. All suitable products are displayed by clicking on the exploded view drawing. We offer all the common replacement and wearing parts for motors and bodywork and we are continuously expanding our range.







You can find parts for LML 2-stroke models under the heading Spare Parts – Vespa PX/T5/Cosa.






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