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Lumpi' rides a Vespa up the 'Bergisel' ski-jump

Two-wheeled stunt artist and extreme sports athlete 'Lumpi' AKA Günter Schachermayr is unstoppable : Constantly discovering unusual locations where he can ride his Vespa, up or down. What better place, he thought, than the 'Bergisel' ski-jump in Innsbruck, Austria and why not ride up the ramp the wrong way in one of the ski channels?

His vehicle of choice was his trusty Vespa 1977 Rally, with its standard 200cc and 9 PS of raw power. 'Lumpi' is standing astride his already running scooter at the end of the lift-off part of the ramp and starts off toward the top part, where the ski-jumpers usually start. After approximately 42m of travel on an ever steeper ramp, Günters first attempt ends with a very spectacular, as well as unintended, back-flip. The installed safety system does its stuff with both scooter and rider remaining unscathed.


Generous doses of adrenaline all round, but this would not be the 'Lumpi' we have come to know (youtube Videos) if he did not dust himself down and try again! Another run and … SUCCESS! And that despite a 35º gradient (70%)! ‘Lumpi’ manages to ride up the 'Bergisel' ski-jump! All the way up to the third jumping starting point!


Heartfelt thanks are due to our hero 'Lumpi' for his skill in surprising us all once again with yet another daring performance. Keep on keeping on 'Lumpi', in anticipation of your next extravaganza! We heard something of the Toposphere....







 Radio Snippet: 10434100_605390449571470_580991677_n.mp4


Ö3 Austrian Radio Interview






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