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Customshow Ried, Austria 2014 Report

customshow ried 2014


1000 Jahre sind ein Tag (1000 years are one day). We just can't get Udo Jürgens's catchy tune out of our heads. Not even on the way back home. Half naked men, drunk, happily chanting arm in arm. Clear signs of a successful Customshow 2014. We see Stoffi and Pfeili standing at the bar of their all-nighter and celebrate themselves for the past hours, which - indeed - have had a lot to offer. Not only clubs, such as the Vespa Club Munich or the Vespa Geschwader Hofstätten, who promoted their upcoming event Meet & Speed (July 04.-06.) were present, but also dealers and spare part vendors had come from all over Germany and Austria.  We had the chance to see beautiful custom projects, from Ciao Mofas to Vespa small and largeframes, vintage scooters and various Lambrettas. Stoffi had also given thought to the scooterists' offspring, providing them with a huge bouncy castle. All in all we had a great day in Austria and would like to thank Stoffi and his team for organizing this fantastic event. Long story short: schee war's und nexts moi seh ma uns eh! 1000 Jahre sind ein Tag (*think heavy Austrian accent* we had a blast and will definitely come back next time! 1000 years are one day.) 

Dazed greetings, Christian of SIP Scootershop.


See here our image gallery of the Customshow in Ried:



SIP TV Video coming soon!


Show Results:

Best Oldtimer 1946-1955       Hoffmann ´52, Robert Zarger Köflach
Best Oldtimer 1956-1965 GS/2, Markus Grundner
Best Oldtimer 1966-1978 Lambretta SX150 original, Susanne Will LCD
Best Other Brand Herkuses Mofa, Thomas Pedrazza
Best Ratbike Almdudler Vespa PX, Marco Abate
Best 3-wheeler

Ape AB150 "Lampe unten" mit Dach, Reinhard Saloschnik

Best MOD Lambretta S-Type, Martin Peißhammer
Best Modification Transformer Vespa PX
Best Paint Tarantine Vespa, Wolfgang Reichl
Best Racer 1. Matteo, Mito Lambretta

2. Martini Vespa, Mario Mijolovic
3. Gulf Vespa, Dario Mijolovic
Best Smallframe 1. Rally Smallframe, Andreas Barth
2. Falc Primavery, Meet & Speed
3. Falc Umbau V50S, Marcel Hirz
Best Custom 1. Sallframe "300", Lukas Louca
2. Seven Vespa, Markus Egelseer
3. Eleonor Rigby, Uschi Buchner
Best Club 1. VC München
2. VC Mondsee
3. Lambretta Club Deutschland
Best Vespa non-Oldie 1. SIP Glorious Basterd Vespa
2. Vespa PX mattschwarz, Gundi
3. El Sidney Vespa, Felix Richter
Best Lambretta non-Oldie 1. Martini Lambretta, Christian Huber Ried
2. Metalflake Lambretta, Faustkampf
3. Lambretty S-Type, Wolfgang Brumberger
Audience choice Falc Umbau V50S, Marcel Hirz
Best of All Sallframe "300", Lukas Louca
Congratulations to all winners!

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