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ESC - Blechkampf Belleben 2013

When we arrive at the event site on Friday, we are greeted with the words 'no minute too soon'. Uuhm okay... nice to see you, too? But only shortly afterwards we understand what was meant: Half of the ESC celebrities have used the training to take themselves out of the race. While Ulf waves us a happy hello despite a broken collarbone, Stoffi - who had plunged headlong into a tyre wall - doesn't seem too sure about who and where he is. Luckily, to set the scene, that's it with regards to injuries for the weekend. On raceday the ambulance is not needed and also Stoffi is fit enough to race.

Let's get down to facts: In C1 Karoo asserts himself against Maik and Patrick. The fast C2 is dominated by the Stoffis/SIP racing team. Markus (today's youth!) confidently wins both races. Unfortunately Robert (second in the first race) is kicked out of the race when he comes into collision with Rapf, but at least this clears the way for his team mate Stoffi, who finishes on a respectable third place.

This time Alex Kleist (rpm scootering) completes the C3 podium after Lenki and Toni. Hats off... to organise such a weekend and - en passant - bring home a trophy is more than respectable. Lutz wins the open largeframe class ahead of Jesco (who had earlier that day been quite demoralised by the speed of the other racers) and Stefan. Bene (who after the race ponders if he should have picked up his Ivonne on the last straight to cross the finish line with her) once again dominates the standard smallframe class and brings home another victory ahead of Mu and Hiro. Also very exciting this time: The ladies' race. Julia wins her first weekend of the season ahead of Isabel. Nicole finishes third. For the first time after his baby break also Undi is racing again in the fun class.

After the regular ESC races also the ESC Endurance Cup enters the next round in Belleben. In the end it is little surprise that we see the SCK Team on top of the podium, followed by RWRT and Team Heives.

Many thanks to Alex, Stephanie and the tireless supporters for realising this fantastic racing weekend!

Visit Flickr for more pictures. We're looking forward to seeing you again in two weeks at the second to last race in Hungary (Pannoniaring).



Here are the results:

C1: 1. Christian Kachel, 2. Maik Persch, 3. Patrick Russegger

C2: 1. Markus Angleitner, 2. Christian Rapf, 3. Christoph Maier

C3: 1. Thomas Lenkeit, 2. Toni Fattorusso, 3. Alexander Kleist

C4: 1. Lutz Höppner, 2. Jesco Schmidt, 3. Stefan Kummermehr

C5: 1. Benedikt Neuberger, 2. Michael Saetzler, 3. Andreas Bayer

C6: 1. Jochen Undesser

C7: 1. Julia Sperandio, 2. Isabel Menz, 3. Nicole Picker


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