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Rain&Race 2013 - The ESC goes for a swim in Liedolsheim

Friday, 31 May: We're loading our van for the Run&Race. Is everything on board? Scooters? Check. Tools? Check. Warm clothes (German summer)? Check. Wet tyres? Check. Alright, we're ready to go. Once we reach the highway, doubts arise: 'I can't see 50m down the road.' - 'Don't worry, I just saw some pictures on FB. It'll be fine.'


Shortly afterwards the sky brightens indeed and by the time we reach the event site, the local weather seems quite agreeable. We notice that there are less visitors than the year before, but everybody seems to be in high spirits and so we park our car, pitch up our tent and make sure our scooters get a technical approval for the race. Friday night we witness the first highlight of the still young season: The awarding of the 2012 campionship trophies. Congrats, guys! Great job!

Saturday, 1 June: Splish splash splish splash. 'It'll stop in a minute'. Splish splash splash. 'Did we bring Wellingtons?'. Splash splash splash. 'Is that a lake on the track?'



I guess it is fair to say that this unspeakable summer excelled itself this weekend, as no... on raceday it's not raining . It's pouring down. In no time the paddocks turn into a wetland habitat and the kart track resembles a vast lake district. Up the creek without a paddle, organizers and commitee discuss the options and agree on a test ride on the soaking wet track. The free training is cancelled altogether and the fire brigade comes with water pumps to dry the area. They're titlting at windmills.


While some optimistic riders rush to the nearby DIY store to equip themselves with rubber boots, most of the teams already prepare for an early journey home...

...until sugar beet inspector Nübel enters the stage: I honestly don't know, how Veit made it possible, but suddenly a nearby farmer comes to our rescue, bringing his high performance manure pump and snorkeling dry the track. Splendid! Hats off to such organizing ability and willingness to help. The upshot of the 1pm driver briefing: The track is drying. Go! What follows weatherwise is quite amazing: During the 30min qualifying, where everybody is on the track at the same time (huh!) the rain ceases, the sky brightens and the sun comes out. And while the ladies ride their first race on K58 wet tyres, only two groups later, we're already racing on slicks.

Then follows business as usual: The riders accelerate, fight, swear, win, crash, cheer. Maik, who also scores in C2, wins the terribly exciting C1 (smallframe limited). Andi beats Lenki and Toni in C3. Lambretta Lutz rides his (ironically sunny yellow) Lamy on the 2nd position of C4, right behind Eric. While Hiro finally shows who's the boss of the standard class, fast Gunda's pursuit race literally ends with a bang. In the end, thankfully, noone gets seriously hurt and Isa celebrates another C7 victory.


Also SIP pilot Markus Angleitner scores once again and is happy about his second C2 victory of the season. While a technical defect had upset his performance in France two weeks ago, his team mate Rob Leibfarth resolutely reports back to the top group and wins the first C2 race and the trophy for the fastest lap (54,189s).

Here's a quick overview of the classes:

C1: 1. Maik, 2. Karoo, 3. Patrick
C2: 1. Markus, 2. Rob, 3. Maik
C3: 1. Andi, 2. Lenki, 3. Toni
C4: 1. Eric, 2. Lutz, 3. Thomas
C5: 1. Hiro, 2. Matthias, 3. Marc
C7: 1. Isa, 2. Gunda, 3. Sylvie

Visit the official ESC website for detailed information on laptimes, points, etc. Our pictures are available on Flickr.


Thanks a lot to the organizers, visitors and participants who kept their spirits high in spite of the questionable weather conditions. Also many thanks to the volunteers who tirelessly worked to make the race happen. See you in two weeks at the Kurvenlage in Wackersdorf, where we will hopefully be wearing sandals instead of wellies.

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