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Kurvenlage 2012

Detractors claim that some fall-prone riders are meanwhile able to recognize the ESC tracks by taste. The track in Wackersdorf probably has a rubber finish. While no one would bother at 30°C in the shade, this can be quite a serious problem in a standard German summer.



On Friday, when we had finally arrived in Wackersdorf, after having been stuck in a traffic jam for hours, we dived straight out of the bus and onto the track. But after only a few seconds it was already dripping slightly and half a lap later most of the riders around us were lying on the ground. We rushed back to the pavilion, which threatend to give in to the torrential downpour after a short time. Hooray! We'll have a fine weekend here.


Saturday started just like Friday ended: wet. The organizers therefore decided to change the schedule and the ESC Endurance (originally planned for the evening) was cancelled. In the morning, the track was open for all those who didn't mind slipping and sliding and the official qualifying sessions of each class were postponed. A good decision, because it was clearing up around noon and suddenly the sun was burning down like there was no tomorrow.


While everybody had been going piano piano in the morning, one after the other switched back to racing mode. Once again the GP Open was incredibly exciting to watch. And without a doubt Markus Angleitner was the man of the day. Once in the lead, Stoffis youngster was delivering a breathtaking performance, upstaging the entire rest of the usual suspects. Behind him Rob Leibfarth and Ulf Krapfenbauen were involved in a fierce battle for positions. Buettner had bad luck this time and also Rapf didn't make it to the podium. What an excitement for audience and competitors ... Just like last year, it's absolutely thrilling to watch the K2 guys fight for the championship.


Markus was also scoring in K1, finishing second after Bene Neuberger. Karoo was on 3rd place. While Andi Poppen won the LF standard class, Pesi was the fastest LF Open pilot. The ladies had to struggle with many defects this time. While a broken piston ring stood in the way of Julia's raceday, Gunda was still suffering from a sore rib. Nina however was more than happy to celebrate her first K7 victory.


Also Erwi (Hugos Motorscooters) had a reason to celebrate this time. He was awarded the Chris Voicu trophy for social merits. Since last year, this off-the-track-award (maybe the most prestigious one of the ESC) is given to people who constantly show a lot of commitment towards the ESC and support all those who are in need of their assistance. Congratulations! It's really great to see that the ESC actually consists of a group of people who - alongside all sporting ambition - never fails to uphold interpersonal values.




Speaking of interpersonal relations... Some had feared that the Saturday night entertainment would be falling short of expectations this time (The Musikpark Wackersdorf is closed? Although we're there? Outrageous!). But the equation was very simple in this case. DJ - check. Speakers - check. Lighting console, drinks and dancing enthusiasts - check. So no problem, we are celebrating in the pit lane. Until sunrise...


Detailed results will soon be available on the ESC website. Till then you can check out our Flickr Galerie for photos of the results lists.



K1: 1.Bene, 2.Markus, 3.Karoo

K2: 1. Markus, 2.Ulf, 3.Rob

EHK LF: 1.Poppen, 2.Lenki, 3.Toni

Open LF: 1.Pesi, 2.Brosche, 2.Stoffi

K5: 1.Stoffi, 2. Tobi, 3.Kachel

Fun: 1.Rupp, 2.Kummermehr, 3.Bernecker

Ladies: 1.Nina, 2.Isa, 3.Sylvie

The style-award goes to Gunda&Göller this time...



Congratulations to all winners and places and a big thank you to the Pacemakers SC Deggendorf. We wish the injured riders a speedy recovery and hope to see you all on and around the track at the third race of the ESC 2012 (Wotox SC Harz Grand Prix, last weekend of July, Harz-Ring).


Click here for the rest of the pictures that we took at the Kurvenlage!




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