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SIP Racing Team wins the SPRINGRACE 2012

While the German part of the SIP racing team had travelled to France for the Challenge Scootentole last weekend (check out the pictures here), the Austrian SIP chapter had decided on a trip to the Springrace in St.Veit to defend their 2011 title. Stoffi sent us a little write-up of the race:


"The 12h Springrace has already become one of the endurance scene's classics. More than 40 teams are taking part in this battle of materiel that puts enormous strain on men and machines. After our victory in 2011 we were one of the favourite teams this year. Our team for the Springrace 2012 was made up of 3 pilots (Michi Pesendorfer, Markus Angleitner and Stoffi), no mechanic.


The racing day startet on friday morning (7:10am) with refreshing 2°C. Despite the poor Le Mans start, Michi rode very well and managed to take the lead. We had decided on even longer turns this year and in the beginning we each managed to stay on the track for 70 min. Luckily the weather got better by the hour and the lap times got proportionally faster. Unfortunately our main rivals of Undi's racing team were already in the pit for 10 laps in the initial stage of the race due to a mechanical failure.

Around noon, we had been able to extend our lead to 19 laps but we were still unable to go any slower. We had adjusted our carb in the cold of the early morning and now it was running way too rich in the lower and medium rev range. The only cure: 12 hours of riding flat out. During the afternoon, Undi's racing team had to pause to change their engine and were not able to catch up afterwards. We eventually finished more than 40 laps in the lead. Markus wanted it all in the end and was the first pilot with a lap time below 1 minute. But Christian Rapf was able to break this record, with an incredible lap time of 59:44 in the second to last lap of the race. We were especially happy that no major accidents happened this year and the paramedics had a relaxed day.

And here are a couple of 12h-facts&figures:

Fuel consumption 58 l, 2 tyres, 1 pair of front brake shoes, 18 l drinks, 6 knee sliders, 1 crate of beer after the race. A special thank you goes to GP1' Penn Gernot, who kindly provided us with one of his cnc milled crankcases, which we did absolutely benefit from in this race. We'd also like to thank Polini of course, for this great EVO cylinder which is powerful and wear-resistant at the same time."


Congratulations to our team on their stunning performance and good luck for the upcoming season 2012.

Check out Flickr for some more pictures.



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