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SIP/STOFFI´s Racing Team News 2012


After a very long 2011 championship, our racing team had been taking it easy for a while. But by mid february, they started to get ready for the upcoming season. The scooter that they are going to ride in the long distance cup will get a cnc milled ally engine case by GP1 (Krems), equipped with a Polini Evo cylinder. Unfortunately they won't be able to use this combination for their ESC racers, as the engine case is not yet allowed there. Markus will test the setup at the Pannonia Ring next weekend, as everybody's still a little sceptic concerning the scooter's ground clearance in the corners. Markus' K2 scooter was generally improved: Reinforced XL2 handlebar, improved Öhlins suspension in the front, Stage6 in the rear and lots of other details. The team will use the Polini Evo, cylinders once again for Michi's and Markus' scooters and for the long distance cup. Although this engine won't deliver power peaks, it's incredibly durable and has a very broad power band. Stoffi won't change his K5 setup and continue to be the only rider in the standard class with a long transmission and a front drum brake. The scooters will be put to the test as early as may, when the Italian championship VPI starts in Castelletto di Branduzzo and our Racing team will compete against Italian Quattrini and Falc scooters.


The team wishes you (and themselves) lots of thrilling races, a huge audience and a successfull racing season free of injuries. SIP TV will report from the races just like last year. Make sure to subscribe to the youtube channel right away!

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