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Döntő oooh oooh - Holiday in Hungary 2011

Just like last year, the 'Austrian' ESC race took place at the Pannonia-Ring in Hungary. The ring's big GP track offers a great infrastructure, which the ESC could also benefit from. Some of the pilots had taken the name of the race literally and had already arrived a week befor the race in order to train.

Competition was tough, which is why on saturday everybody was quickly off the mark and got right to the point. In the end, a couple of riders managed to score big time and draw a line under the 2011 season. Although Gunda won the Hungarian K7 race, Stephanie was able to win the championship. While Bene managed to defend his K1 title, team Undi won the K2 in the lead of Rob (after a crash in the 1st race now vice-champion), Markus and Miki Hilton. Chapeau for the crazy guys of the GP open and limited: That was a truly great season, with lots of fun and excitement for you as well as your audience.

Sunday offered another highlight: The second race (6hrs) of the new long-distance-cup (together with the spring- and the upcoming fallrace). Despite the heterogeneous starter field (20s/lap difference between the fastest and the slowest riders) the race went quite well. Some of the teams hat to fix their scooters during the race and it was very impressive to see that the other teams were all very helpful and ready to assist them. Some teams also used the opportunity to push their limits for the last time (second to last time for those who'll drive the fallrace) this summer. Especially the 3 winning teams (K1, Stoffi & Goa) delivered an impressingly professional and fair race performance.

We'd like to say thanks (köszönöm) to Stoffi and his crew, who organised us a really great holiday in hungary! To all those who fell and hurt (contemptuous words of 2011: clavicular fracture) Get well soon!

Check out Flickr for the rest of the pics:



SIP TV Video:


ESC Finale Hungary pannonia ring 6h Rennen from sip-scootershop.com on Vimeo.


Results ESC Holiday in Hungary:


Results 6h-Race:

A big THANK YOU to all those who organised the races, to those who watched and cheered and to all who helped to make this great season happen. Congrats to the champions 2011 (K1: Bene, K2: Rapf, K3a: Putzi, K3b: Lulu, K4: Lutz, K5a: Stoffi, K5b: V.Abbate, K7: Stephanie). We are already looking forward to the season 2012...




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