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6th Challenge Scootentole at Magny-Cours

Waow ! Such a (racing) day !

It has been a lot of work for the small Scootentole team, however, this 6th édition at Magny-Cours gokart track – which offers first choice racing infrastructures - is a huge succes. It states as the biggest racemeeting even organised in France and the event is becoming a classic... Around 100 drivers (+ 20% compared to previous year) ran all day long, dispatched in four categories. Some even came from Germany, Netherland, Switzerland or Belgium.

To our satisfaction the classe 1 (Tourism, totally open, for beginners and vintage scooters) has been quite populated. Cherry on the cheese-cake J, at the end of the morning, the local Vespa Club de Fourchambault came to exhibit on the racetrack, under the framework of the French National Vespa Parade. The opportunity to admire even more collectible scooters ! 

With a great weather of this indian summer, the saturday was very demanding , all chronometed sessions and races just one after the other. The track battles have been great and beautiful.



Benjamin Lauby – the kid on the Cosa ! – won the Class 2 (Street Class) ahead 32 drivers, after great battle in front of the race ! Deutch pilot Maïk Persch was the big man, made “grand chelem” in Class 3 (doped small frames) wining the three races in despite of fast Lucien Jules and Mickaël Betz. French southerner Max Di Palma won the Class 4 (doped big frames) just ahead deutch Andreas Putz (poleman and winner of the first race, ridin an atonishing Vespa GL).

Outcome : no serious injuries to deplore despite some falls and stunts, thanks to the security and track marshalls. The announced planning had been respected at the letter till the evening.


After a great awards ceremony, the evening tombola made the biggest dotations available to all and not only to the fastest drivers...
At last but not least, a drink « à la lyonnaise » allowed evrybody to relax in a nice atmosphere till the end of the night J

We really like to thanks all sponsors of this event, Alain Lesage team in Magny-Cours for its professionnalism, the track marshalls for their efficiency, and all the pilots for their enthousiasm and fair-paly.

Our best memory of this day ? your smiles !          

See you soon !

The Scootentole Team


6e Challenge Scootentole, rankings

C2-Classe 2-street class
1.    N°259-Benjamin Lauby-F-Vespa Cosa 177Pinasco
2.    N°233-Benjamin Robillard-F-Vespa PK 133Polini
3.    N°203-Patrick Vengeon-F-Vespa PK 125Quattrini

C3-Classe 3-Doped small frames
1.    N°375-Maik Persch-D-Vespa V5A 125Quattrini
2.    N°306-Mickaël Betz-D-Vespa PK 133Polini
3.    N°318-Xavier Labarère-F-Vespa PK 125Quattrini

C4-Classe 4-Doped big frames
1.    N°407-Max Di Palma-F-Vespa PX 210Malossi
2.    N°495-Andreas Putz-D-Vespa PX 166Malossi
3.    N°468-François Di Palma-F-Vespa PX 172Quattrini

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Nobleaux Jean-Luc wrote re: 6th Challenge Scootentole at Magny-Cours
on Mo, Sep 27 2010 13:16

The french racing touch ! ;)

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