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Kurvenlage 2010

Top class racing, fights to the finish and a new lap time record on the Wackersdorf circuit.

The second ESC race-weekend was truly exciting!



We are very happy to be able to congratulate SIP supported racers Mike Betz to his 2nd place in K5 and

Robert Leibfarth to his victory in K2. Of course congrats to all the other classes' winners, too!

(official results coming soon)



We'd like to thank the Pacemakers SC for organizing the event, all drivers for a fair competition, all visitors 

for cheering their lungs out and all helpers on and near the track for making the event a total success. 

We hope Muh (and everyone else who hurt themselves) will get better soon!


See you - hopefully in good health - in 6 weeks at the Panoniaring, when we are going on 'Holiday in Hungary'.

For detailed info please visit: http://www.eurochallenge.at/


The rest of our pix are here: http://www.flickr.com/photos/sipscootershop/sets/72157624271194210/

Posted Jun 14 2010, 10:03 by sibylvane

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