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SIP News noviembre ‘16

Hello Ferran ,

Just recently we visited our Spanish dealer-partner TaxiVespa in Barcelona. The family business was founded in the 1960s and is a popular contact point for all scooter-enthusiasts in and around Barcelona till this day.
TaxiVespa is now under second-generation management - lead with the same passion as before. Company boss Judith showed us her shop, where she not only offers spare parts but also other services like complete restoration. We were instantly taken by the likeable and comfy setting of her shop, particularly impressive were the posters and logos created by her husband. Judith shows her passion for the Vespa-scene by having her own TaxiVespa-Racingteam.
A visit on TaxiVespa's Facebookpage and Website is always worthwile! Maybe you can find just the right incentive for some possible redecorations during the coming months.

We hope that these might inspire you for some possible redecorations during the coming months.

We would also recommend taking a look at your dealer discount scale and the corresponding annual turnover you have with SIP Scootershop in the coming weeks. You can conveniently find this information on the first page of your SIP invoices. This will help you plan your purchases accordingly to keep your current discount scale or reach the next better scale during the fall and winter months. The discount scale you will manage to reach by 31 December of every year will be guaranteed for the whole calendar year to come.

For information on the product news for the month of November 2016, please see this newsletter as usual.


We wish you a prosperous business.


Your SIP Scootershop Dealer Support Team

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Product news Even more news!
  Racing Cylinder MALOSSI 218cc Racing Cylinder MALOSSI 218cc 231,15 €   Rear Light LED, for Vespa Rear Light LED, for Vespa 46,37 €
  for Vespa GTS/GTV/GT/GT L,
125-200cc 4-Stroke LC
Leader 125-200cc 4-stroke LC
Ø 75,5mm, aluminium,
  Primavera/Sprint 50-150ccm,
rear light socket: LED,
brake light socket: LED,
E1 mark, lens: red, edge:
  Rim rear PIAGGIO for Vespa Rim rear PIAGGIO for Vespa 87,73 €   Ignition MALOSSI VesPower MKII, Ignition MALOSSI VesPower MKII, 213,90 €
  Sprint 50-150ccm 4T, for drum
brake rear,
3.00-12", black shiny with
silver edge,
  for Vespa 125 GTR 2°/TS 2°/150
Sprint V 2°/Super 2°/200
Rally 2°/PX80-200/PE/Lusso
  Tool SIP stud unscrew tool Set Tool SIP stud unscrew tool Set 10,32 €   Gearbox 17/ 45 teeth, POLINI Gearbox 17/ 45 teeth, POLINI 92,14 €
  M6x1.0 mm/M7x1.0 mm/M8x1.25 mm   Primary, for Vespa LX/S
/Primavera/Sprint/946 3V
i.e. 125/150ccm 4T AC for
PIAGGIO LEM 125-150 cc 4T AC,
  Carburettor Kit SERIE PRO by Carburettor Kit SERIE PRO by 163,57 €   Racing Air Filter SERIE PRO by Racing Air Filter SERIE PRO by 49,29 €
Vespa 125 VM/VN/ACMA/150 VL/VB
  STOFFI'S "Marchald",
POLINI CP carburettor, for
Vespa 125 VM/VN/ACMA/150 VB
  Seat PIAGGIO "70 years" for Seat PIAGGIO "70 years" for 125,71 €   Racing Exhaust GORI "Sport" Racing Exhaust GORI "Sport" 259,45 €
  Vespa PX 125 2016, brown, also
for Vespa PX80-200/PE/Lusso
with beige welt, with belt,
  for Lambretta Serie 1-3 125
for standard cylinder/MUGELLO

Coming Soon
  Single Seat "Tricolore Italy

Single Seat "Tricolore Italy


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  Mezzo" for Vespa 50-125/PV/ET3,
with grey welt,
with spring

Product bestseller Even more bestseller!
  Tuning Kit D.R. ROAD 177cc Tuning Kit D.R. ROAD 177cc 308,19 €   Drive Tuning Kit "Sport" Drive Tuning Kit "Sport" 234,62 €
  for Vespa PX125-150 E Lusso`95
->/`98/MY/`11/Cosa 2,
Ø 63mm,
stroke 57mm,
  for Vespa GTS/GTS Super/GTS
Super Sport/GTV/GT60 250-300cc
4-stroke LC/i.e.
  Air Bellow MALOSSI for PHBH 28 Air Bellow MALOSSI for PHBH 28 22,77 €   Speedometer Cable RMS for Speedometer Cable RMS for 3,77 €
  /30 carburettor, for Vespa
VNB-TS/150 VBA-Super/180-200
Rally/PX 80-200/PE/Lusso/`98
  Vespa PK50-125/N/XL/XL2,
l 963 mm/ 941 mm,
connection: u 2,7mm, d 2,7mm
  Brake Pads MALOSSI MHR, S13, Brake Pads MALOSSI MHR, S13, 4,27 €   Hub Nut Cover brake drum, rear, Hub Nut Cover brake drum, rear, 1,71 €
  54,0x39,7x6,3 mm   for Vespa PX80-150X/PX80-200E
Ø 36 mm, dark grey

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