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Flywheel SIP Touren, for Vespa

PX80-200 E Lusso/`98/MY/Cosa
with E-Start, flywheel: 1900g,
finely balanced

The SIP Touring flywheels deliver exactly that which their name promises. An ignition optimized for all those who like the odd tour or three, but still desire an inspiring acceleration from their motor in the lower gears. The lower the weight attached to the crankshaft, the easier your motor can accelerate and this is also true for touring flywheels. Your scooter has better throttle response, reaches higher rev-ranges and accelerates quicker. The extra weight of the SIP Touring flywheel, as opposed to the lighter HP4 model, ensures a more constant and regular tickover.


The PK flywheel is supplied to fit two different crankshaft cone profiles. The fan part of the flywheel is smaller in area and diameter than the original PX versions. PIAGGIO has ceased production of this flywheel. Because of this they are becoming increasingly hard to find. V50/PV/ET3 models can be converted with this flywheel to electronic ignition in combination with the suitable parts such as crankshaft, stator plate assembly, voltage regulator and wiring loom. Since PIAGGIO finished production of the PK flywheel we decided, in order to still provide this touring extra, to make sure of a worthy descendant. This flywheel is not a newly machined, welded up or even re-riveted “custom” item. It has been completely redeveloped with a new die-casting for the body of the flywheel and so we were able to combine the larger cooling fin area of the PX model with the advantages of the PK model flywheel.


The SIP touring flywheel is available in two different weights (1700g and 1900g), according to inclusion of the electric start drive cog and is up to 1840g lighter than the original PIAGGIO part. The cooling fin area and diameter correspond to those of the PX150 flywheel. This ensures maximal fin area and optimal fresh air delivery to your cylinder. Every flywheel is delivered balanced and weighted by the manufacturer. They are compatible with all PX and PX electric start motors but not small frame motors.


Conclusion: A touring flywheel ensures an easy and effective improvement to your engines revs and acceleration.


SIP Touring flywheel

PK: 1850g, Crankshaft cone 20/20mm or 24/25mm

PX 1700g – 1900g, normal PX motor - electric start PX motors


SIP-TIP: With the carb. float chamber cover produced by DRT, a SIP road exhaust and a touring cylinder you too can cross the Alps with ease.


SIP-Community user‘ Acman’ (über Art. Nr. 50020000): “I'm impressed ! Changes a good old scooter into a great toy... I've mounted it on a P200 engine in addition with a racing crankshaft and a SIP Performance exhaust. It's just perfect tuning for my GTR !”


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