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Ignition PARMAKIT 20mm, for

Vespa PK50-125/S/XL/XL2/ETS
flywheel: 1000g, cone 20/20mm/
20/24mm, M12,
incl. stator plate, ignition
coil, voltage regulator,
gray fan


PARMAKIT can do!

Another variable electronic ignition hit the streets a couple of months after the vespatronic ignition came on the market. Italy's top tuner Stefano Scauri is on board with this one as well and developed, together with PARMAKIT, a CDI ignition with speed coordinated variable ignition timing adjustment of 7 degrees +/- 1°.


Another feature is known from the Vespa P 125 ETS; fan blade design giving your vehicle a turbo-like fly wheel sound.

This ignition is available for all Vespa models with PX crankcase and all small frames, regardless if 19/20 or 24mm oil seal fit. Unlike Vespatronic, holding tools and fly wheel remover are not included in delivery; special Parmakit tools are needed. Vehicles with a 6V dynamo will have to replace bulbs for 12V. Electronic adjustment means better torque in lower rpm ranges and a cooler ignition at higher rpm's. This is the basic ignition set up for best performance and longest cylinder operating life. With a charge current of 12 volts and 90 watts, this is the absolute power dynamo, supplying you with the best current and light possible. The high power ignition current assures optimal fuel combustion.


The PARMAKIT CDI iginitions are available with 1,0 kg or 1,6 kg  heavy flywheels. Fans in various colors are also available.


Conclusion: a must for every tuned motor. Increases development of power output and torque in lower and middle rpm ranges, increases speed stability of your motor.


CDI ignition PARMAKIT: adjustment of  von 7° (+/- 1°)

CDI ignition PARMAKIT RACE: adjustment of more than 7° (+/- 1°)


Technical Features:

- speed coordinated variable ignition timing adjustment of 7 degrees +/- 1° (for example, 23 to 15 degrees)

- 1,0 or 1,6 kg light weight flywheel

- charge current 12 volts / 90 watts

- high temperature resistant ignition coil and regulator, efficient and compact

- simple modification

- regulator functions smoothly and continuously

- recharge your cell phone and laptop batteries on your scooter

- simple installation turns calibration and maintenance into child's play

- installation directions with electronic diagram


SIP TIP: ignition is delivered without installation tools. Following PARMAKIT tools are handy helpers: fly wheel remover #BU5224 and fly wheel holder # 57001970. Order together!



OEM Numbers (for the purpose of comparison)  57002.22 (PARMAKIT)

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