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Accessories & Tuning for Vespa
Super/GTV 125-300cc,
englisch, 256 S.,

„MODERN VESPAS“, the latest models that have been produced by PIAGGIO since 1996, are another big success for the traditional Italian manufacturer. Right from the start these scooters have been (and still are) dominating the registration statistics of many countries - Regardless of their ambitious price.


True heroes are known to be good for a surprise, when you desperately need one. By the early 90s PIAGGIO seemed to have run out of ideas. While the PX and PK models had obviously passed their peak and the COSA was a major disappointment, Japanese manufacturers presented plenty of new and innovative concepts such as the Honda Helix. This is when Pontedera decided to go back to its roots and rely on the myth of the VESPA brand. The cult was successfully revived with the ET2 and ET4 models. Just like the original 1946 model, the MODERN VESPA models come with a self-supporting steel body, small wheels for maximum agility and a single sided swing arm in the front – indicating that the VESPA is far more than a means of transport, but pure cult and lifestyle. Fortunately there is no need to worry about the future of the brand… New markets bring new opportunities: It is especially in Asia, but also in America and Australia that the new Vespa models are thoroughly successful and have become one the trendiest two wheelers, currently available - A symbol for wealth, coolness, and liberty. Plus: Those who ride a Vespa are never alone, as there are clubs in almost every major city. Join us as we explore the abundance of parts that are available for these brilliant vehicles. The catalogue reflects the status of August 2013.


Here you can preview or download our brandnew MODERN VESPA Parts Catalogue:

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