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Vespa Joyride Landsberg Ammersee July 2014

Don't worry if your adrenalin level rises when the Joyride is coming up. This is a common symptom among scooter enthusiasts. Last saturday the time had finally come. St.Peter clicked 'like' and we finally exchanged a tough workweek's hammer and sickle fore the dolce far niente of a scooter rideout around the lake. Rollerkö's Pömmi had designed a special shirt for us, including Ammersee waves, Alpine upland, a happy bunch of scooterists and a blue-white Bavarian summer sky. There are still some shirts available online. It was soon getting crowded in front of our shop and people were talking petrol and checking out new arrivals. A record-beating number of visitors!


As the historic center of town was blocked (city festival. in the evening persistant rain. nemesis?) the ride started via Kaufering, Finning and Schondorf, to Armin's petrol station in Greifenberg, which was already stuffed with people. Where would we be without enthusiasts like him? For 20 years he has been renting the petrol station to provide a habitat for excentric guys with vintage rides.
We drank blue bowle from the petrol pump, octane-free beer and enjoyed the great atmosphere. More than 160 scooters. Wow!! After an hour we continued around the Ammersee, past the Stegen pierm Inning and Breitbrunn to Klaus' K68 bar in Herrsching.


He was ready to receive us and provided the hungry mob with bbq and saussages. Those who were still thinking in breakfast terms, could enjoy cappuccino and freshly backed croissants. The countless scooters blocked the road almost completely. Quite a challenge for transit traffic, and an excellent entertainment for us.

Unfortunately we had to say goodbye to this beautiful spot in Herrsching too, to continue along the lake (near world champion Thomas
Müller's hometown Pähl), past Diessen and Riederau to our destination in Utting: Roberto Pinello's Italian oasis - the VC Utting's base camp. There we got cool beer and bianco, bubbling prosecco and tasty pizza. A perfect way to let our Joyride come to an end. No rain, no accidents and a happy crowd are only some of the reasons, why there will be another Joyride in 2015... 

A warm thank you goes to Armin and his friends in Greifenberg, Klaus and his team at K68 and Roberto and the Trattoria team. These cool guys make our Joyride special. Same goes for crazy visitors, such as the two Belgian guys who had joined us. After the tour they went right on to king Ludwig's castle in Füssen and back home on Sunday. Chapeau!


Visit our Flickr page for more pictures.


And here's the video: 





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