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OPEN DAY @ SIP Scootershop

Every spring, we launch the new season with an Open Day here at the SIP headquarters in Landsberg. The sun was already shining brightly as the first courious visitors arrived at 9am.
Lukas and Moritz had designed and built a tricky gymkhana parcours with ramps, traffic cones and a wheel of Fortune.

The Espresso Ape provided us with tasty Italian coffee and we sold Bavarian snacks. George of the Sensu-Crew showed a cool stunt performance and Tim (of Vollgas Motorroller from Überlingen) had brought his dyno on which people could run their scooters for free.

The Piaggio Center Finkl had many new Vespas (among them a brand new PX 2011) on display and everybody could testride them. Everybody who decided to buy something in our shop got a 10% discount, which is why the queue never seemed to get any shorter. Soul DJ Loe Ernst provided the groovy soundtrack of the day! 

The absolute highlight: The rideout through Landsberg's historical part of the city. About 50 scooters wound their way through the small streets until they reached the Trattoria at the Bayertor. Salvatore kindly welcomed us with Sprizz and pizza. On we went to the Motocross area in Ellighofen, where we spent the rest of the aftrenoon.

In the evening the party division went on to the Sonderbar (A celar full of soul - once again with Leo @ the turntables) to celebrate in style...
For us, it was a great day with perfect weather and round about 400 visitors. Let's hope, the 2011 season continues just like that! A big thank you to all who contributed to that beautiful day!

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