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Vespa & Lambretta Custom Show Munich 2009

2005 was the last time that Munich welcomed the crowds for a scooter custom show, with the show back then located at the Tonhalle. This last show proved to be a huge success with close to 1,500 visitors attending the event. The year after, the organizing committee obviously did not succeed in finding an appropriate location so the event was put on hold for a couple of years. In 2008, the folks at Ried/Austria helped out. With the custom show being held in Austria, scooter customizers once more found a stage to put all the hard work that has been done in dark basements and cold garages during winter on display.  
Word already spread back in November 2008 that the waiting was over. With the Backstage club in Munich, the Jetsons Lambretta Club had found a both attractive and perfectly central located exhibition hall. We had friends from as far as Italy and France telling us they planned to show up which was in accord with the massive public interest that preceded the event. Finally, it was showtime on the first Saturday in February: the Backstage club opened the gates to see all people interested in scooters pour in. And there were quite a few of them.
There was a steady flow of scooterists hitting the scene and there were countless well-known faces among them that had not been around for years. Anyway, one of the most recited phrases of the weekend definitely was: “I can’t believe I came across so many old friends here, this is awesome!”. Paul Batton dug out his old Scooterboy jacket, Armin from Steinebach brought along his legendary “Yellow Danger” custom chopper, Sgotter took along some of his latest clothing yet to be ironed, Stoffi presented his Enola Gay as well as his latest creation, the KTM Mirabell with a motorcycle engine – to mention but a few highlights.
One of the very first custom Vespas in Germany, Heart in Danger by Wegweiser from Hamburg, was put on stage in all of its past glory. The Rimini mods chipped in some unbelievable vehicles while endless numbers of more or less well-known hobbyists put vehicle creations on display that varied from caringly restored models to brute conversions. Personally, I was more than impressed by the 80s Vespa that could be witnessed in the backstage area. This Vespa incorporated about every cheesy accessory that could be purchased during the 1980s. Cupholder, mudguard lamp, plastic kits of all kinds – this was Vespa in its full (cheesy) glory. A mobile pizza baker would have certainly been able to provide the swaying and hungry crowd with cheap and tasty food – if only there had been one. However, the only option in this respect was an unsavory hot dog stall that provided its offers in waste grease quality. Fair enough, if you were looking for an upset stomach.
Nevertheless, this could not hide the fact that, all in all, this was a great event so when the show finally closed doors, there were unforeseen numbers of scooterists who wanted to party on at the All Nighter. The place got cramped, really cramped in fact. The management of the Backstage club would have certainly been able to explain exactly why the bar had to be located at the entrance in a narrow hallway – unfortunately, the management was nowhere to be found. Therefore, everything congested and you were either pushing your way through or being pushed yourself. Finally, if you managed to arrive further at the back of the dancehall, there was enough space to put on your dancing shoes and swing away to the sounds of the successful Munich Soul DJ team until the early morning.

Congratulations to the organizers and thanks a lot for a wonderful event just around the corner!
You will find a video shot on Saturday here:

And here are endless numbers of pictures:

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