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Isle of Wight Scooter Rally (BSRA - VFM) 2017 report



I'm really not too old for these sorts of things - not for the clothes, not for the music and certainly not for the scooters. i was always sure and didn't have to be persuaded but after the weekend on the Isle of Wight, I feel more convinced than ever. Especially looking along the beach and promenade, where the Seaside Runs in England take place; time seems to have stood still. Mods, Skinheads and Scooterboys are be-decked in exactly the same dress codes that they followed 20, 30, 40 plus years ago. Those standing there today represent the look of their chosen subculture and were always there; before careers, children, family and long before any home extensions and some are still stood their now in their retirement. The scooters, clothing, music, and even the meeting places have remained the same. The enduring friendships, the joy and the hard-to-grasp feelings triggered by this fascination are often maintained for a lifetime. And when the evening comes later, after a few drinks in the flickering light of the dance floor, the years in these faces are also diminishing.






The annual Scooter Rally on the Isle of Wight is an institution. The largest in England, perhaps in the world, and also one of the longest running. This is where British Scooter-Culture meets with Parka, Harrington, Bomber Jacket, Soul, SKA and all the subcultures that surround Vespa and Lambretta scooters - a perfect place then to build a SIP booth. Unfortunately the journey was a bit more of a mission; taking us about 30 hours each way, there and back. But it was worth every minute. We were greeted by the warm hospitality of the VFM, organisers of the event. Visitors to our stand were also very friendly and open minded. We were able to build the booth at Smallbrook Stadium, a speedway circuit, where the majority of the events took place over the bank holiday weekend. There was a big campsite, three different locations for DJs and bands, plenty of space for dealers and exhibitors in the middle of the racetrack and a large hall for the Custom Show.






The Custom Show was one of my personal highlights. The hall was brimful of elaborate conversions, sophisticated paintwork, seamlessly engraved chrome bright-work and high-tech custom made parts. A display that kept on giving and more than delivered. My favourite was a Lambretta fitted with an RG500 engine; a scooter that was not only built for the show but was later seen being ridden on the road. The long weekend left visitors time to relax between the individual programme highlights, allowing them to be impressed by the island with its beautiful, raw nature and countryside. There are beaches, steep cliffs and many kilometres of roads between meadows, forests and small villages - ideal for short rideouts.






The evenings could be spent at Smallbrook or in the pubs of Ryde. Both were worthwhile; music and atmosphere at its finest. If you're weren't keen on English beer, you could drink a selection of their best ciders instead. On Sunday the event ended with the much anticipated island rideout; the seemingly never-ending line of scooters slipping past the waiting spectators for almost 30 minutes. A show for which the entire town centre of Ryde was closed off and attracted thousands of spectators. After the rideout had ended it was time for many and this rolling culture to pack up and return home. We made our way back to the ferry, ready for the long drive home to Bavaria in Southern Germany. Behind us was a meeting leaving us with lasting impressions and the intent to come back. I hope they dance for many years to come in the pubs along the English coast, the Mods and Scooterboys, just as before in previous decades. What they cultivate is a culture, more than a fashion; it is timeless, classic, without age.




Pictures of the Isle of Wight Rally 2017 are here on flickr.



And here is our SIP TV Video, sorry for the rather bad sound quality:





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