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5th annual meeting of the VC Bayreuth

Bayreuth! City of Wagner or Vespa? Within no more than 5 years, the „Vespa Club Bayreuth“ has managed to become the biggest Vespa club of Germany (they currently count round about 250 members)... Incredible!

The location of the event was very well chosen. 300 scooters from all around Bayreuth had gathered on a parking lot in front of an old brick building (once a spinning mill) which made for a really beautiful backdrop. No matter if the scooters were vintage and modern... as long as they carried the "V", they were welcome to join the party. The "PizzaRia" provided the guests with Italian delicacies and Angelo performed Italien classics for hours on end while and the kids had a blast in the bouncy castle.  

Highlight of the event: The corso through the city of Bayreuth. With more than 300 participants not only the riders, but also the crowd that had gathered at the roadside was amazed to see, how many Vespa enthusists had actually come to Bayreuth.

Yet another highlight: Photographer Alex Hofmann took beautiful pictures of the Vespisti and their scooters and put them in his dropbox, from where they are now available for download!

Thank you very much, Alex! Also many thanks to Roberto, Werner, Hansi, Eric and the rest of the Vespa Club Bayreuth for having us at their perfectly sympathetic event. We are very happy about the trophy we got for the furthest journey and already looking forward to seeing you guys again next year.


Check out the rest of the pictures on Flickr...





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