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„I love Wild“ – Isle of Wight Scooter Rally 2013

Flashback some weeks ago. I find a note on my desk with a callback request. The only reference on it says “I Love Wild”. What the f***? Since when are adult chat services requesting callbacks? Once I hear the voice on the other end of the line, it slowly starts to dawn on me and I have to bite my tongue not to start laughing out loudly during the call. My colleague just reinterpreted the legendary Isle of Wight scooter rally onomatopoetically in his own inimitable fashion. Thanks a bunch Andy, you just made my day.


While I am writing these lines, we are already on our way back to Landsberg and the SIP Scootershop headquarters. 1,400km, 2 ferry crossings, 2 days in our Mercedes Sprinter – mind you, this is only one way. There are more comfortable ways to spend your days for sure. Nevertheless, the Isle of Wight proved to be a memorable experience for us. Our SIP stand was already beleaguered by numerous interested while we were still building up. Robert, aka Hein Bellyflop aka our SIP technician, was mounting new digital speedos or troubleshooting already mounted ones non-stop. We guess he has a lot of new fans as almost every scooter that was touched by his magic hands left its owner smiling afterwards. There were catalogues for Vintage Vespa, Modern Vespa and Lambretta as well as tons of giveaways, all for free of course. Our Glorious Basterd project scoot also was at its best with lots of visitors taking a very close look and admiring the details of this true bastard. According to the organizing team of Vfm and B.S.R.A., 6,000 scooterists flocked to the island, most of them British. In its 31st year, the IOW rally is a perfectly organized event with impressive numbers of visitors. The Sunday afternoon ride out proved to be the ultimate highlight of the rally. Pictures tell more than a thousand words so we recommend watching our SIP TV video or checking our Flickr photo album.



Time to give proper kudos to: Iggy and the Vfm for a smooth organization, Doug and Shaun for their kind help with our catalogues, Wendy for the nice accommodation, Chris, Ian, Hein and Dave for their incredible African Vespa, or rather, LML adventure, Andy aka Hans for the funny Saturday night at Smallbrook Speedway Stadium as well as all participants of the rally for a super-relaxed atmosphere.Still figuring out though what would have been written on that callback note if we would have gone to the Isle of Man.

Cheers from the bellyflopping Germans




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on Mi, Sep 4 2013 13:31

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„I love Wild“ – Isle of Wight... wrote „I love Wild“ – Isle of Wight...
on Fr, Sep 6 2013 13:52

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???I love Wild??? ??? Isle of Wight Scooter Rally 2013 – SIP-Scootershop.com | The Mod Generation wrote ???I love Wild??? ??? Isle of Wight Scooter Rally 2013 – SIP-Scootershop.com | The Mod Generation
on Fr, Sep 6 2013 13:52

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