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Anrollern Augsburg 2012

The fresh green of spring is sprouting everywhere, the crocuses are already fading, and on sunny days you can finally hear the well known rattling sound of our old scooters again. After a long winter break, they are now back on the road to take part in one of the early annual highlights of the scootering year: the start of the season, called 'Anrollern'. Almost every big city has their own, organized and eagerly anticipated by its scene.


On April 21st, the time had come for Augsburg's scooterists to start the engines. As there are currently road works in progress around the Königsplatz, where the Rollerkö Augsburg usually meets, the scootering gang decided to meet on a former military site at the outskirts of town. Not quite as charming as the historical part of Augsburg city, but what can you do? There were drinks and food available at the Bombig bar, right next to the meeting point. BBQ and 'fuel talk' helped to pass the time until the 200+ scooters (mostly Vespas but also Lambrettas, Simsons, IWLs, NSUs and a couple of other rarities) started moving towards the Westliche Wälder region.


A beautiful ride through little villages, up and down into the forrest and out again through dandelion fields under a blue and white Bavarian sky. after ca. 30km the riders reached the old Cistercian monastery Oberschönefeld, where a beer garden, snacks, coffee and a consecration of the scooters were waiting. Now everybody should be ready for the season. While most of the riders returned to the meeting point in Augsburg to party at the Bombig bar, I rode back to Landsberg. Freezing, but - thanks to the foehn - with a nice view of the Alps. 

Click here to see the pictures we took at the 'Anrollern Augsburg 2012'!      360° Panorama





Thanks a lot to the Rollerkö people, who once again organized a great event!


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