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ICE RACE - scooters on snow (Austria)

After some temperature-related delay, on the 11.02.2012 it was finally time for the first: „SNOW RAAACE!“

Close to the Austrian Ebensee, oddles of water were cooled below freezing point, in order to launch this event right in the middle of the racing season's winter break.

Most of the participants present their scooters all spiked up in order to transfer their engines' performance right to the icetrack. For some well known faces from the ESC the ice race is a fine opportunity to train for the upcoming season. ESC pilot Peter tells us that the ice race gives you the chance to gather some experience that is useful for the circuit, too. Drifting for instance, which is pretty common on ice, or handling a swerving rear wheel.


Alongside proper racing, there were a lot of side attractions for visitors. Mulled wine in you hand, standing around the fireplace, you could watch truly spectacular racing scenes. A snack stall, a mulled wine bar, a presenter and a tombola kept the visitors in high spirits.


RON of Sqooter.com provided 2 APE cars with spikes and sport seats, that everyone was allowed to drive. A thoroughly great event in the middle of the harsh 2 stroke winter and a reason to come back to Ebensee next year.


Many thanks to the organizing team!






Check out the video:




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heggie wrote re: ICE RACE - scooters on snow (Austria)
on Do, Mrz 8 2012 2:23

very cool video.

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