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Vespa & Lambretta Customshow Ried/Austria 2012

At last, Stoffi and Pfeili invited all scooterists to the legendary Austrian custom show in Ried im Innkreis again – and the scootering crowd flocked to the show, and in impressive numbers too. At least 1,000 visitors came to see the show this year, so the exhibition hall was buzzing with people the whole afternoon. And there was a lot to see: more than 120 scooters were on display, some new conversions and customs among them, such as the Smallframe “Eleven”, the Tarantino-Vespa or Ron’s “Squll” or “Leonardo da Vinci”. There were top notch restorations to be seen as well as patina oldies or airbrush customs. It was striking to see how many racer conversions with high technical elaboration and effort as well as impressive horsepower performances were represented. CNC-machined engine blocks aren’t out of range these days anymore either… Robin Davy brought a newly restored Calessino year of construction 1947, what a beauty! There were also numerous odd vehicles, several Vjatkas as well as specialties such as Lohner or KTM scooters. A couple of racing teams from the ESC presented themselves with their race scooters on the custom show, among them Undi’s Racing Team (sponsored by SIP Scootershop in 2012 again) and the SIP GSF Racing Team with Mike Betz and his fellow racers. Like two years ago, the rear part of the hall was occupied by used scooters and used parts traders. The visitors took advantage of the bargains that could be made there and as a result a nice spare parts market upgraded the event yet again. Tasty chicken and Rieder beer chaperoned the event on the culinary side. Thanks to Stoffi, Pfeili and their awesome team who shortened the long winter once again with an amazing show.
You can find the pictures here:
Best Oldie 1946-1955: Helmut Paar
Best Oldie 1956-1965: Florian Stützbauer
Best Oldie 1966-1978: Michi Motovespa
Best Other Brand: Ami 98
Best Ratbike: Vespa 50SS Armo + Heinrich
Best 3-Wheeler: Andi
Best Mod: Alex Graeml
Best Cutdown: Vespa GS150
Best Conversion: Felix Richter
Best Paint: Ron Leonardo da Vinci
Best Racer: Christian Lohey
Best Smallframe: Scooter Center
Best Custom: Cypress Hill
Best Club Display: Elite S.C.
Best Lambretta: TV 175
Best Vespa: SIP Scootershop "GLORIOUS BASTERD"
Best of All: Robin Davy Calessino
(no guarantee thanks to Stoffi´s idiosyncractic handwriting...)




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