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Piston MALOSSI "B" pour 210

Sport "2016" graphite pour
Vespa 200 Rally/P200E/PX200 E
/Lusso/`98/MY/Cosa 200,
Ø 68,5mm, 2 bague(s) de piston,
segments semi-trapézoïdales,
axe de piston Ø: 16mm

The MALOSSI 210c Sport and MHR cylinder kits produced since 2016 are delivered including a VERTEX piston with a graphite skirt surfacing material. This cutting-edge technology reduces friction considerably and can also function as an emergency damage-reducing solution in case of heat-seizure. Compared to the ASSO piston that was included with the pre-2016 MK II version of their 166cc cylinder, the VERTEX piston is around 10% lighter. The skirt of the latest piston is shorter which eliminates the need for extra modifications when attempting to fit a long-stroke crankshaft. The port windows are noticeably larger on the VERTEX piston and also provide a much improved match to those found on the bore of the cylinder.

This new piston type is compatible with all generations and standard types of the 210cc cylinders.


Please note : These pistons are matched to cylinders using a letter code system. If the cylinder and the piston are marked with the same letter then they suit each other and this should be checked prior to assembly. MALOSSI stamp these identification letter markings into the cylinder, next to the base gasket surface area.


The following piston clearances apply :

"0" = 68.410 - 68.419

"A" = 68.420 - 68.429

"B" = 68.430 - 68.439

"C" = 68.440 - 68.449

"D" = 68.450 - 68.459

"H" = 68.490 - 68.499


SIP - TIP : Do not forget to order and fit freh gaskets and a small-end bearing when replacing the piston!

OEM chiffres (sont uniquement à titre comparatif)  3416294.B0 (MALOSSI)

15194000 $61.22
pour cette pièce
choix des clients/ pourrait vous interesser
90012000 $23.87
M6615445 $22.98
31161290 $362.91

$102.04 ($102.04/Stck)
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