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Clutch Bell ZELIONI for Vespa

Primavera/Sprint/LX (Vietnam)
/S (Vietnam) 3V i.e. 125ccm

If the clutch bells have turned blue or they are evidently worn out on the interior side, the clutch friction plates will wear out more quickly. If the bell is worn out, slipping or jerking will take place when starting the engine. If this happens it's time to replace it. Clutch bells which are fitted as standard are mostly made in two parts. This causes an imbalance, which makes the clutch seem harsh.


The ZELIONI clutch bell has a hard chromed surface and is made from one single unit. Its wall thickness is clearly thicker than it is the case on the original. This makes it completely dimensionally stable and with no imbalance. The fine grain blasted pressure surface on the interior side offers the ideal traction between the clutch and the bell. This means jerky clutches are a thing of the past.


For installation purposes it is not possible to use the BUZZETTI holding tool (art. No. BU5428). We recommend blocking the clutch bell with a bolt or using an impact wrench.


SIP-TIP: Don't forget a new clutch nut. Polyamide V-belts, sport clutches and variators are a good upgrade.

PI274246 $1.07
J3904446 $79.48
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icon scootermodels This product fits the following models
divider Producer/Model divider cc divider Type divider Engine divider Yr. of Const. divider Extra
VESPA LX i.e. 3V 125 ZAPM68/RP8M665/RPM683 4T AC ´12-´13 Vietnam Motor
VESPA Primavera i.e. 3V 125 ZAPM811/ RP8M82 4T AC `13-`16
VESPA Primavera i.e. 3V iGet 125 ZAPMA1100 4T AC `16-
VESPA S i.e. 3V 125 ZAPM683 / RP8M683 /RP8M665 4T AC `12-`15 Vietnam Motor
VESPA Sprint i.e. 3V 125 ZAPM813 4T AC `14-

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