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Racing Exhaust MALOSSI Power

Exhaust for Vespa 125 VNA-TS
/150 VBA-Sprint/PX80-150/PE
/Lusso/Cosa 125/150
steel, black, aluminium
silencer, right hand,
fits wide tyre


MALOSSI strikes back! The Italian tuning manufacturers have put their legendary racing exhaust system, specially developed for use with their equally legendary 166 and 210cc “CVF” cylinder systems, back into production. After a wait of over 25 years eventually SIP went to the manufacturer, cap in hand, and finally, this is the happy result! It’s back in full factory production and technically updated to boot!

The “Power exhausts appearance alone gives your scooter a more performance orientated look, and on the street it most definitely does not disappoint as this pipe is designed for free revving motor setups. This right-hand exit exhaust system leaves no doubt from the first glance: it means business and its business is power delivery to the rear wheel! As expected from MALOSSI this tuning exhaust system is produced to a very high quality. The silencer has a comfortable, full sounding sporting tone. It can be removed and refilled with silencer wool as necessary.

Conclusion: MALOSSI combines racing style with tried and tested performance at a value-for-money price and guaranteed “made in Italy” quality. Ideal in combination with high revving motor setups.


Racing exhaust system/ Steel construction/ Black painted finish/ Silencer: aluminium / right-hand exit (underneath the gearbox)

Steel, black painted, small aluminium silencer, right-hand

Due to the right-hand exit design this exhaust pipe allows the use of larger tyre sizes, a spare wheel and also the main stand. 

Carburettor jetting and ignition timing should be checked and/or altered.


SIP-TIP: A larger main jet and adjusted ignition timing are absolutely necessary for optimal and reliable use of this exhaust system. 139 and 177cc setups are ideally combined with a 24mm DELLORTO SI carburettor., a higher ratio primary drive kit and do not forget a lighter flywheel. 200 and 220cc setups also benefit from larger diameter carburettors, taller primary drives and lighter flywheels.


SIP community user “Friedy” about art. no. 32138430: “It delivers exactly the expected performance at high revs in combination with the MALOSSI 139 or 166cc cylinder kits. Your rev. ceiling is no longer restricted at 9000 rpm due to lack of exhaust capability. The direct comparison with a SITO Plus exhaust mounted to a MALOSSI 139cc cylinder kit equipped with a DELLORTO 24mm SI carb. produced 15 km/h more top-speed for the MALOSSI item.”


PX 80-125 Exhaust Test, Scootering (July 2013): “Malossi’s revamped pressed steel exhaust (...) features some nice touches in both design and the styling of the can (...) This is a pipe for thrashing around at high top speeds.”

OEM Numbers (for the purpose of comparison)  3217138 (MALOSSI)

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87400000 $4.65
J40112000 $162.74
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$175.75 ($175.75/Stck)
3,990g / piece
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