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Clutch POLINI Speed Clutch 2G

Ø 105 mm

When enough rpm‘s are reached, centrifugal force moves clutch plates apart to mesh with the clutch basket which in turn transfers power to the gear box.


The „2G EVO“ rocks! Since coming on the market, the newest coup from POLINI has been setting new standards in the clutch business. Their patented system is a revolutionary advancement - promising to turn clutch technology upside down! Real deal! Racing model from the `98 racing season, 2 clutch shoes, 2 clutch springs, load on compression instead of traction, increased spring durability, variable spring pre-load adjustment, well made, 2 different spring weights included.


A word of advice for MINARELLI motor owners: all models of MINARELLI motors have a variety of clutch and clutch baskets built into them. The problems start when you don‘t know which motor is built into your vehicle and from buying imports that appear on the gray zone markets. One was to help, is try to find out which year your motor was manufactured.

There are two types ->

[Clutch with two shoes, clutch basket inner diameter 105 mm.] According to MALOSSI and POLINI, this clutch was used up till 1995, other sources say 1997.

[Clutch with three shoes, clutch basket inner diameter 107 mm.] According to MALOSSI and POLINI, this clutch was built from 1996 on, other sources say 1998. If you want to be 100% sure, measure the old clutch basket!


SIP TIP! New clutch nuts, clutch positioning tools, quick cleanser.


German Scooter Magazine MOTORETTA May/June 2002: „2 sets of different weight springs with variable adjustment through adjustment screw in the pre-load. Simple adjustment from the side using a small screw driver“.

OEM Numbers (for the purpose of comparison)  249.034 - AP (POLINI)

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