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V-Belt Pulley MALOSSI Ventil..

..var 2000
for YAMAHA 500 T-Max 4B5 (´08
->)/ 5GJ/ 5VU (´04->) 4-Stroke

V-belt pulleys wear out eventually, as do brake pads, centrifugal roller weights, the V-belts themselves and require replacement. The higher the mileage of the scooter, the more the pulleys frictional surfaces become worn. This adversely affects the V-belt and can lead to the danger of it tearing apart completely. As soon as you discover these inevitable signs of erosion, the pulley unit should be replaced immediately.


We have two separate versions available, produced by the people at MALOSSI, the


Ventilvar/Ventilvar 2000

Standard replacement drive pulley, lower weight, no cog teeth, pressure plate included with most types.


MHR Ventilvar

Racing standard drive pulley, lower weight, special frictional coating for increased stability, no cog teeth, pressure plate included with most types, series drive pulley from the Overrange variator system.


SIP-TIP : For racing and sprinting purposes we recommend bead-blasting the pulleys frictional surfaces before every race for an even better performance. This increases the necessary grip between the V-belt and the drive pulley.

OEM Numbers (for the purpose of comparison)  6113806B (MALOSSI)

M6113495 $192.84
Customers choice
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M6113495 $192.84
M528797 $50.75
M6114674 $109.80
M6112917 $86.73
M6711486 $83.68

610g / piece
Stock on hand  

Unfortunately we are not authorized to deliver MALOSSI parts to your country. We recommend you to take the suggested alternative.
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Variator MALOSSI for YAMAHA T-Max, 500cc 4-Stroke LC M5113642 $160.55
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YAMAHA T-Max i.e. 530 J409E 4T LC ´12
YAMAHA T-Max i.e. 500 5VU 4T LC `04-´11

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